By March 25, 2011

Problems with Amazon’s Android OS App Store

Amazon launched their own private Android app store a few days ago. Amazon attempted to generate some buzz with free apps, like Angry Birds Rio and a version of Shazam, the app that identifies music for you.

Unfortunately, the launch generated a different kind of buzz — Apple files lawsuit over the name “App Store,” and AT&T removed the ability for their customers to download apps from sources other than Google.

I’ve got a totally different problem, and it’s perplexing.

I am a Verizon Wireless customer and can download the Amazon App Store just fine. What I can’t do is log in. I use my normal Amazon credentials but the App Store replies I need to enter a valid email address and password.

I know that my credentials were fine, because: a) I use KeePass on my phone and b) because I used the same email address and password to log into to ask for help.

I expect to get a response sometime today — my only hope is that the issue gets resolved before the promotion on the free apps expires.

Has anyone else had this problem?

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