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Problems with SentryPro XFC flea and tick medication

It’s approaching summertime here in Virginia, and after Lady Jaye and I went on a hike Saturday (more on that later) we knew it was time to break out the flea and tick medication for our dogs Porter and Rosie. I normally get FrontLine, but it was over three times the price of any other topical flea and tick product. I don’t remember it being so expensive. We purchased SentryPro XFC instead.

SentryPro XFC promises to kill fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, flea eggs, and flea larvae for up to three weeks. Sounded good to me. We bought two appropriate dosage sizes and applied them as directed to Porter and Rosie. Unlike other medications that go all the way to the base of the tail, SentryPro XFC is only to be applied from the base of the neck to halfway down the back. I thought this was odd, but didn’t think much more about it at the time.

Everything seemed to be going fine, and Lady Jaye and I went out for a bite to eat. We came home about three hours later. Rosie was flicking her tongue around, as if she was trying to get a funny taste out of her mouth. She drank some water, ran around, and then licked the side of the couch, tail wagging. Both dogs were scratching, but I chalked that up to the fleas biting for one last time before the SentryPro XFC put them to sleep … permanently.

An hour went by, and Rosie was still air-licking. She was also hacking and dry-heaving. I figured that Rosie had licked some of Porter’s treatment off his back. This would explain why we were directed to treat only halfway down the spine, so that the dog couldn’t lick off its own dose. I called the hotline on the back of the SentryPro box and talked to a very nice and helpful lady. She said that it was okay that Rosie ingested just a small dose, and gave me a tip to help soothe her mouth. I put two tablespoons of canned tuna fish juice in a bowl and made Rosie drink it. I think put one tablespoon of tuna fish juice in a small bowl with water, and gave it to Rosie. I made another one for Porter, just in case. After some coaxing, Rosie and Porter quite happily drank all of their nasty tuna water. The hotline lady asked us to watch Rosie to see if she if her dry heaving continued and be wary for a bloated stomach. If Rosie kept trying to vomit and wasn’t producing anything, her stomach could become distended. Another hour or so passed, and Rosie stopped licking. Things were looking up. We all went to bed, cradling Rosie like a baby in my left arm as usual.

It’s a good thing for Lady Jaye that I stay up late watching UFC. At about three in the morning I heard Rosie wretch. I turned just in time to see Rosie projectile vomit a huge chunk of grass towards Lady Jaye’s sleeping face, just inches away. Calling on the spirit of Caine from “Kung Fu,” I snatched the flying lump right out of the air. I cleaned everything up, and Rosie went back to sleep, her tail wagging gently. I thought we were out of the woods, but Sunday would bring a new set of problems with SentryPro XFC.

Both Rosie and Porter started shaking their fur as if they were wet. They were scratching themselves incessantly. Porter especially would shake his head, as if he had something in his ears. Lady Jaye and I scratched them whenever things seemed particularly bad, and this brought them some relief. Yay for fingers. The dogs were otherwise happy and energetic. They ate their food and drank water throughout the day. I did notice that Porter wasn’t as excited about his mid-day snack of carrots as usual, but I figured he was just tired of me giving him carrots as a treat all the time.

The itching and shaking continued well into the evening, and when I came to bed at about 1AM this morning, Porter couldn’t lie still. He’s tromp around the bed, lie down, then jump up with a start as if something had bitten him. I could hear him nibbling in the darkness, then he’d switch positions in the bed. I watched television for about an hour, but Porter didn’t stop his stomping itchfest. He eventually woke Lady Jaye up, and she got online to find out what problems other people were having with topical flea and tick medication. Symptoms reported online included: shaking as if wet, panting/heavy breathing, lethargy, and seizures. Apparently anything other than FrontLine can cause severe problems, including kidney failure and death. Fucking awesome. We decided to give Porter a benadryl to help him sleep. We all zonked out shortly thereafter, Rosie acting like a loaf of bread in my arms again.

I called our vet this morning. Since they don’t use SentryPro XFC or recommend anything other than FrontLine, they didn’t have any specific suggestions other than to give Porter and Rosie a bath. She suggested only using FrontLine in the future, no matter if I bought it from them or somewhere else. This echoed the sentiment we found on the Web, and whether or not this is true or just word of mouth marketing remains to be seen. I’ve used FrontLine on several dogs for several years without a problem, including Porter and Rosie. So there may be a kernel of truth in there.

I gave Porter and Rosie a bath after hanging up with the vet. After drying Porter off with a towel, he crouched down in the play position, wagging his tail. As soon as Rosie jumped out of the tub they started chasing each other. I heard Porter drinking water a few minutes later. I don’t think we’re out of the woods, and I hope they are just having a temporary allergic reaction on their skin due to the SentryPro XFC, but things seem better. I am going to keep an eye on them today to watch for the more dangerous symptoms. They seem happy for now, but please keep your fingers crossed for our pups.

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  1. Simone says:

    I applied sentry pro xfc earlier today and my poor dog has experienced the exact same symptoms – restlessness, licking in the air, licking area where ointment was applied, shaking as if wet, gagging, dry heaving and more. I just bathed the area on her back in hopes that it will relieve her from the discomfort. I will never use this product again. NEVER PURCHASE FOR YOUR DOGS!!!!

  2. Mike P says:

    you need to do more than just bathe her…for your dogs sake read back through these posts and see what has helped others…MULTIPLE baths with dawn dish soap, tuna water, benedryl, etc.

  3. Carole Bleecker says:

    There is a class action lawsuit filed on behalf of pet owners whose household pets were allegedly injured or killed by certain flea and tick products. If your pet was harmed by a flea and tick product, and you would like to participate in this class action to help get these products off the market, please contact JACQUELINE MOTTEK POSITIVE LEGAL GROUP at [email protected] 415 302 5371(cell)

  4. Amanda says:

    I recently purchased this product for my 2 year old male Border Collie Chevy. Chevy happens to have lupus so I thought I would do a search on the product before using it, thank goodness I did. After reading some of the stories here last week I decided to return the product to Pets Smart which I did yesterday. The sales clerk told me that it had been recalled on the 19th, yet the product was still on the shelves and I could find nothing online about a recall. Does anyone know what she might have been talking about?

  5. Jeannie says:

    Yes, the manager of a Petsmart store here also told me the Sentry Pro flea/tick killer had been recalled but Sentry Pro had replaced it with another similar product. Evidently Petsmart doesn’t care about pets any more than Sentry Pro does.

    Sentry Pro’s products are UNREGULATED and that’s why my Vet will not recommend them. Evidently any one of us can make a recipe up and sell it as helping dogs and cats, and when it ends up hurting or killing them, no one can do a thing about it. You just need to have enough money to package it nice enough to get it into the stores that have no integrity.

    Petsmart is dumb and greedy enough to sell these inferior and deadly products. And that’s a shame!

  6. Carole Bleecker says:


  7. Bob says:

    Happened to me last night. Purchased the product, placed on my 7 year old ShortHair, within 2 hours he could not walk, panting heavily. I have a young child and a 9 Month old Weim (I decided not to treat him yesterday) so I did nto wait to read this blog and called my vet, who (bless her heart) opened her clinic on a Sunday and he was shot up with Valium and placed on IV, he had over a 103 temp. I did bath him in mild soap and ran water over him for 10 minutes, but he could not stand up or support himself.

    This is not the end of things,I read the package and understood the directions, he is 60 lbs and we bought the correct dosage. I hope to be able to see him today, this is the first day our pup has been with out him, and he is kinda sad like the rest of the family.

    Get the WORD out!!

  8. Stephanie Crawford says:

    I wish I would have investigated before putting SentryPro on my dog. I am shocked to see that postings have gone back as far as 2007. When I put the treatment on my 19 month old Boston Terrier, I had a gut feeling that maybe I should not be putting it on him since I have not heard of the product. The product was given to me bt a friend and he said it would be ok. Well after about an hour my beloved dog was going around in circles on the floor. His face and eye had swelled and he was just miserable. I had given him another bath to wash the product off, but still my pup had no relief. I ended up taking him to the emergency vet on a Sunday. The gave him a benadryl and steroid injection and also another bath. I took him home and he had slept most of the night and next day. He went into hiding under the bed and the only way that I could get him to do any thing was to pull him out from under the bed. He acted like he was scared of everything as he was very jumpy. Monday he had seemed to be doing better. He had slept most of the day, but I noticed that his ears kept twitching. He then started to shake his head as though he had something in his ears. I called his regular vet and they told me to keep an eye on him anf if things would worsen then they would re-check him. Tuesday, he was still lethargic and he was back to hiding under the bed again and not eating. I was going to make him an egg,but then he started vomiting and having bloody diarrhea. I called the vet again and they looked him over. They checked his ears and even washed them but they could not find any thing but normal wax and debris.By the time I had got him home, his stool was nothing but blood and he was shaking his head and digging his ears more than before. The poor dog did not sleep all night. All he could do was shake his head and dig his ears. The vet called to check on him Wednesday morning and I informed them of this and the continuation of the blood in his stool. We will monitor another day and hopefully he will start to get better. We are not out of the woods yet. However I did start him on a bland diet and he has been holding it down thus far. Next time I have a gut feeling about something, I will go with that feeling. It is hard to accept that I have caused this harm to my pet by putting this aweful product on him. The makers of SentryPro need to be out out of business.

  9. Lorraine a Sergeant Sufferer says:

    Please complete this claim form to submit your free case evaluation to a lawyer listed on

  10. Holly says:

    I put sentry pro on my puggle Daisey, and my other 5 dogs yesterday. Every one seems to be ok except Daisey. She is running around crying, snapping her head back like something is biting her, and she didn’t sleep last night at all. I had to call out of work to stay home with her today. So far I gave her an oatmeal bath last night, 5mg of prednisone I had on hand from one of my other dogs meds, and a dish soap bath this morning. I am going out this morning to get tuna and benedryl and the vet will see her today at 4 pm. I threw away the packaging but I have a tube left. I too bought this product at PetSmart. I used Biospot last time, but they were out, so I bought this crap instead. The Biospot worked well, last time and I didn’t have a problem with it.

  11. Carole Bleecker says:

    I need to get in touch with STEPHANIE CRAWFORD who posted July 28th, 2010 She was #764. Her Boston Terrier had bloody stools from Sentry Pro. It is very important for me to talk to her. My name is Carole Bleecker e-mail [email protected] CAN DR.FAULKEN HELP ME?

  12. Holly says:

    Well this is day 3 I went to the vet and she gave me Robaxin pills for Daisey. The first day went well. I gave Daisey 500mg of Robaxin twice a day as instructed, and she was back to herself. Then I was told to give 250mg twice a day for 10 days. As soon as I cut her dose her symptoms came back, muscle spasms and crying and throwing her head back. I put her back on the 500 mg today this morning it still continued, after the second dose in the evening it slowed down some. My husband is talking about putting her to sleep, as he doesn’t want her to live suffering like this. I told him most of this blog says it lasts for about 5 days. Anyone that reads this please pray for Daisey and all the other dogs suffering too. I call my Daisey the Baby Mamma. She once had puppies which I just loved. I kept 2 of her sons, Howard and Tonka; one, a girl named Bella, lives with a family across the street, and my sister in law has the other 2, a girl and a boy named Drago and a girl named Kiera, so I still get to see them. I sold 2 others, DJ and Madea, and one pup died, named Shortning Bread. She had nine pups total. I said how can she have nine pups with 8 ninnies? My husband pointed out that Daisey has an extra ninny, she has nine ninnies! I got her fixed after that, but I wouldn’t trade the experience for the world. She had gorgeous and fun puppies. I had a great time with the pups and her. I don’t want to lose her especially for something I did to her. Everyone please help and pray for us. Pray for Daisey the Baby Mamma. Thanks! Holly.

  13. Carole Bleecker says:

    Hang on Holly. It took my dog 10 days before she started to feel better and stop the muscle spasms and to begin to be more like herself. The only real reminder is the red hair that grew back in the place where her hair fell out.

  14. Stephanie Crawford says:

    Holly, Give your dog a chance. It takes some time to wear off. It took my dog a full two weeks to recover. I will keep your Daisy in my prayers and hope for a full recovery soon.

  15. Stephanie Crawford says:

    Carole, I sent you an e-mail to the address posted above.

  16. Holly says:

    If Daisey goes so Do I.

  17. Ecos Garcia says:

    I am so relieved to have found this site. My dog is experiencing all of the symptoms already mentioned. It’s really heartbreaking to witness my puppy feel uncomfortable and it is really upsetting to know this product is being sold.

  18. Becky says:

    How can this stuff still be on the market? I notice the name of the product I bought was a little bit different: Sentry Pro XFT. I’ve always used Frontline on my Labs with no problem. I picked this up at PetSmart, trying to save a little money in this $%#& economy. I’m just sick about it. Thank God my dogs are larger, about 80 and 90 pounds each, so their symptoms haven’t been so extreme. However, since they were “just” a little jumpy, licking more than usual, etc., I didn’t do anything about their symptoms for four days. Finally, I decided that their issues weren’t getting better, and I found this site. I’m so thankful that I did. I’ve given them each a bath now, the tuna water, and the 25mg. benadryl. I’m hoping that will settle them down. The licking is terrible still, and the older dog (he’s 10) is still jumpy. When I gave them their baths, I also noticed a quarter-sized raw area on the younger dog’s skin where I applied the medication. I guess at this point I’m most concerned about the older dog. I got my husband out of bed at 3:00 a.m. to help me bathe both dogs; then I went to the 24-hour store to get the benedryl. I’ll get some Vitamin E for the younger dog’s sore later this morning. If more baths and benedryl don’t help, then I’ll be forced to take them to the vet. The place I take them to is excellent, but it’s a 12-vet animal hospital and their prices for everything are through the roof–which is one of the root causes of this whole issue. When I first started taking dogs to them 15 or so years ago, they were quite reasonable, but now they seem like scam artists and I try to avoid them when I can. Well, the benedryl seems to be settling both of them down. Thanks to you all for posting your stories here.

  19. Mike Deslippe says:

    In regards to Becky (#774) they probably changed the name to throw people off. I wrote comment #748 about my dog Max and how Sentry said they would reimburse us when they got the reports back from all the vets that we took Max to. Well Guess what? Sentry rejected our claim and sent us a refund check back just for the medication. What a crock of SHIT! That dog was perfectly healthy before we put that crap on him. If there is a class action filed against these careless dirtbags I want to be a part of it!!!!!

  20. Ecos Garcia says:

    Mike I found this on another site:

    A class action law firm Green & Pagano LLP is currently investigating complaints from New Jersey and New York residents whose pets were harmed by spot-on products. If your pet was harmed by a spot-on product within the past couple years and you live in New Jersey or New York, please visit their website: or call Michael Green at (732) 390-0480.

  21. Jeanne Foster says:

    My pup is the latest victim of their owner (who is usually so extremely responsible and loves their dog as one does a child.) I am self-pronounced GUILTY of trying to save money. Each of us would NEVER have taken a risk with our pets’ lives — had we only known. I have read ALL of the postings on this site and they each break my heart. Such senseless idiocy is beyond my comprehension — both Sentry AND each store (in my case it was Petsmart) that carries this product SENTRYPRO XFC should not be allowed to continue in business. I for one, will NEVER buy anything from PETSMART again -I will cut corners wherever necessary in my budget to buy quality top shelf products that are approved by my vet and AFTER doing a thorough investigation by reading posts on sites like this one. Hind sight is so sadly smart… I am praying that my pup will make it through another night and plan to shout it from the rooftops about the unconscionable business practices of both SENTRY for producing the product and PetSmart for putting the almighty dollar before our pets; who, by the way — pay their wages.
    blessings, jeanne

  22. Maria says:

    I used this product on my 6 dachshunds. After a few hours 3 of the smaller ones were running around all over and would not calm down. They were like this for hours. One of the bigger ones was doing the “air licking” for a good 4 hours. I gave them all baths and the one that was doing the licking I tried everything to get him to stop. Nothing helped. I dont know whats in this product but never again will I buy it. The new bottle of shampoo I have will not be used on any of my animals. Something should be done and this product taken off the market so no one has to have this happen to their animal.

  23. Nancy Hill says:

    I received the reply from the company that I was waiting for. They sent me a check for the cost of the product and said they will not reimburse me for all the vet bills since she was 1 pound smaller than what it said.

  24. Maria says:

    I will be calling them then and telling them I want a refund. All the dogs were ok in weight for the product I bought so that should be ok. Too bad they wouldnt give you money for your bills since it was there product that caused all the problems. Wish I had seen all this before I ever got that crap. I have told everyone I know with a pet not to buy this stuff./

  25. Jim says:

    Hello and thank you for your website. Unfortunatly, I found out about it too late to prevent our beloved yorkie Little Debbie from becomming the latest victim of this shampoo. After a bath with this noxious stuff, she stopped eating and eventually stopped drinking. We took her to the vet and found out that her liver was enlarged and her kidneys were failing. The situation became worse, complete kindey failure, zero food or water. Not peeing even with IV fluids and a diuretic. We euthanized her upon the recommendation of our vet. This was a week and a half after the bath. We didn’t loose a pet, we lost a member of our family.

  26. Bob says:

    I did received full compensation for the vet bill and the cost of the medicine. They actually made it a lot more painless than I thought. My vet made the claim and helped to get things moving.

  27. Lorraine Huppe says:

    I’m going through the same thing with my Lhaso Apso that I took in three weeks ago The owner is moving to New Jersey and couldn’t take him
    so I took his sister too ( she’s a Cairn Terrier. I gave them Sentro and poor Taz is scratching himself to death. I took him for a flea bath at Petco with the advice of his vet and my vet. Well, I was up with him all night last night jumping up and running aroud etc.
    I usually use advantix but she gave me enough for 4two more treatments. I guess you know they’re in the trash. But we have two more weeks to wait.I’ll give him another bath. the meds never killed the fleas glad to know about bendryl.

  28. Angel says:

    It’s 2010 many of these are complaints are from 2007 – 2009. They’ve gone and changed the name. My 4 yr old female pug Piqui, had these reactions my mom took her to the vet, right now. Seargents just keeps changing the name of the product.

    I’ve Advised all my friends not to use the product and linked this forum and the consumer complaint one to it to. so that everyone knows that this product can be fatal. If anything else happens to my pug. Seargents will be out of buisness.

    I Don’t know about Seargents but we do take our animals lives very seriously.If they CARE They would pull the item from all stores. Please Help take care of this problem.

  29. ernie says:

    im a long time user of k9advantix for my dog but senice price of it is so exspensive i trying over the counter stuff went to walmart got adams that product sucks foe fleas, so i went to petsmart i saw sentrypro ive heard of it but dont no much of it , i ask cashier any complaints to this product she said she heard of none , so i came on line to read about it so i she wanted to aply that after aplying this product to my mastiff and 11wk pitbull at 1230 now it 330 i see no proplems there play eating and sleeping and drinking fine not scatching or linking

  30. Tammy says:

    This story was in the Dallas/Fort Worth news. Glad to see the issue is getting some press, but frustrated that they are still blaming the problems on owners misusing the products on our pets.

    Pet Owners Warn About Flea & Tick Treatments

  31. ernie says:

    even after close to 24 hr after aplying this product i still dont see any sytems as to above mention , but what i dont get is if this product does halm to all these pets why dont it kill the fleas im still seeing fleas on my dogs

  32. Jeannie says:

    Angel, if you think either Sentry Pro or Petsmart or any other pet supply company cares one whit about our pets, you’ve got another think coming. It’s all about the money, don’t you know.

    As long as they can get our money they will gladly kill our pets! Really, why should they care, they’re getting rich off all our dead pets they’ve killed. And they’re laughing all the way to the bank.

    Boycott Petsmart!

  33. Amber says:

    I purchased Sentry pro Flea & Tick squeeze on to my 3yrold beagle mix. After about 3 hours of applying this medication, i noticed her running around shaking her head back and forth like she had something in her ears and foaming at the mouth. I then gave her about 4 good baths with dawn dish soap and scrubbed. She was still having seizures every hour on the dot. I called the emergency hotline on the box and spoke with a lady, she told me that it was not a seizure my dog was having. And to give her a bath with dawn, give her 1/2 tuna juice and 1/2 water, and apply vit.E oil to her skin where i applied this medication. After 10min of my dog drinking the tuna water her seizures started every 15minutes last about 40sec. The next morning i took her to the vet and she was poisoned by this pesticide found in all OTC flea medicines. She was on IV for 2 days straight and had to have valium every 4 hours to calm her, along with atropine and tranquilizers to relax her neuro. system. After 2 days of IV fluids and medicine and not to mention a vet bill. I do not recommend this product to anyone or to anyone who is using this product to please stop. If you’re dog even scratches this product and then licks his feet or is just has sensitive skin. DO NOT USE. This is very toxic to dogs and is not listed on the box of what all this can do to you pet. Sergeants Brand will be hearing from me and i do plan on having them pay my vet bill.

  34. Ami says:

    I bought this product yesterday and put it on my 15lb maltipoo, Moe. He immediately started showing signs, he started to throw up all the food he had just eaten and then after that was done, he would throw up foam. It was of concern, as he never gets sick. He kept on salivating and ‘air-licking’ and that struck me as odd too. I tried brushing his teeth and he wouldn’t let me open his mouth, i tired looking inside to see if there was something in there and he wouldn’t let me- also strange as he lets me do all those things normally. I saw his nose and it seemed burnt- like some type of chemical or acid burnt it. I re-red the box, and then searched the product online.

    That is when I found this website and I must say I am VERY THANKFUL I did.. I started reading the postings and he had all the symptoms.. i immediately bathed him and put oil where the medication was- that area is still very red and hot. Bathed him a second time and he seemed better. He ate and drank a lot of water, gave him some Benadryl and after a few hours he feel asleep. around 4am he woke up again very jumpy, could not lay still, cannot sleep unless i give him medication. THIS IS THE MOST HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE EVER! i hate seeing my baby like this.. he’s soo playful and easy going and he looks at me with the ‘help me’ eyes.. i feel horrible because there is not much more i can do.

    Thanks again for posting all the experiences on here- this helped me relax and not freak out so much, and was able to help out Moe in dealing with this.

    We will be taking it one day at a time and hope this goes away soon!

  35. gary says:

    I gave my dog sentry last time instead of the far more expensive frontline. he ran all over, rolled in the dirt, etc so obviously didn’t like it but i didn’t notice any other adverse reactions.

  36. Mike Deslippe says:

    Gary you were one of the lucky ones

  37. Renae says:

    A month ago, I made the decision to try the sentry monthly flea and tick (toy for 4-10 lbs), on my 6lb poodle; and the sentry (61+ lbs) on my 67lb mutt. It was half the cost of frontline at Petsmart, and money is tight.
    They were very itchy and licking a lot, but I did as many others, and assumed it was the last of the flea bites.
    36 hours ago, I applied the second dose, and 6 hours later, my poodle has been having leg spasms, shaking, licking, whining, stumbling around and keeps hiding. My big dog has an occasional leg spasm and some mild licking. I got on the web to go to the company website to see if these were side effects, and only typed in “Sentry Pro”, and this is the first link that appeared.

    I am HORRIFIED! I have the same questions as everyone else, how can this be on the market? How could I have assumed that it was safe just because Petsmart, a place I trusted, carried it?

    I thank everyone for their detailed notes on their vet recommended treatments, and advice on how to comfort our pet and handle the situation, and what to watch for.

    I have given the poodle her dose of liquid benedryl, bathed her with dish soap, mixed a little high quality dog food with warm water into a gravy, to get her to drink, and she did. My next step is to pay close attention to today’s outdoor moments, to be sure she is still producing plenty of urine (if theres little to none after drinking plenty, her kidneys would be of concern).
    She is not drooling, but is very uncomfortable, and still has some leg spasming. Our big mutt, does not seem too uncomfortable, but is licking,whining, and has occasional mild spasms. She can walk, and is eating and drinking well. If either condition declines, we will be at the vets door.

    On an aside note, I bought sentry’s cat remedy for same, and the cat, vomited a LARGE amount the next morning, but otherwise seems OK.

    I have decided not to bother calling the company, as all they will do it seems from previous posts, is tell you to wash your dog, get them to drink, and take them to the vet. I can figure that out from here just fine. I have thrown away the rest of the meds, and I am posting in support of everyone else who took the time to post their information, which is really valuable to me right now.

    I hope that the class action suit posted earlier #776, is successful, and that this harmful medication, is pulled from the market. It seems to be more than just a FEW sensitive animals, seems to cause serious problems for lots animals, and just think of all the persons who don’t take the time to post their experience. I am usually one of them.

    Good luck to everyone who has problems, I wish your loved pets speedy recovery, as I will be caring for mine. This is day 2 for us, and the benedryl I gave her about an hour ago, seems to be helping her to be a little less twitchy. Perhaps now we can both get some needed rest.

  38. Jolene says:

    Oh great! My two dogs came back from the groomers with fleas. Never had a problem with fleas before, thought I’d use a chemical to zap it quick before guests arrive in a few days for Christmas. Bought Sentry PRO XFC after seeing the costs for Frontline and Andvantix at my local pet store. I bought two dosages as one is only 12 lbs the other 65 lbs. I read the directions carefully about 3 times before I endeavored to apply it to my dogs. I followed the directions carefully. BOTH dogs started scratching like crazy within 15 minutes. My large dog calmed down after a few hours, but has a grease streak on his back and has rubbed this oily stuff all over our house. My small dog has scratched like crazy, threw up foam, and has been highly aggetated for hours now. He is restless and runs in circles, will not lie down. Thanks to all who have posted. Looks like I’ll be getting out the dishsoap next. I saw that Julie from Sergents really stressed seperating dogs who have been treated for 24 or more hours. On the label, I thought it meant to seperate a treated dog from a non treated dog. In our house, it’s not feasible to keep our indoor dogs seperate that long. Besides, any dog treated with this oily stuff will rub it all over the place, and accidentaly ingest it even if in a room alone. This product is bad. I’ll be looking into a refund tomorrow. I feel silly for not looking this stuff up on the internet BEFORE I used it on my dogs. Shame on me for trying to take the cheap route.

  39. Joanne says:

    This makes me sick….I feel so terrible for everyone going through what we went through almost 2 years ago. Luckily the only lasting effects on my Lhasa Apso is a bit of scarring (ie, the fur is much darker were it was applied). At the time, I contacted the CEO of Sentry directly and although I received no satisfaction from him, it felt good to give him a piece of my mind. (Search my posts as I did post a direct telephone number for him some time ago).

    My husband recently bought poop bags from PetSmart, when I saw they were made by Sergeants I made him return them. I will not give this company or their affiliates one cent more of my money.

    My heart goes out to everyone who has to watch their dogs go through this unnecessary hell.

  40. Diane Smithson says:

    DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT!!!!! If only I had read this forum earlier, my little schnauzer/poodle mix, BeeBee, would not be in this misery! All of the earlier posts that I have read concerning Sentry Pro XFC is right on target. We must get this “poison” off of the market and get the word out to those unsuspecting of its danger.

  41. Richard says:

    I bathed our 18 week old Yellow Lab mix with the Sentry Pro flea/tick shampoo, and 10 days later he was dead. As far as anyone noticed there were no signs of distress before he was found dead. The guilt of my possibly being responsible for his death because I used this product is eating me up inside. Can anyone tell me whether it’s possible this product didn’t cause his death?

  42. Ecos says:

    Richard I’m really sorry to hear about your puppy.

  43. Lori Deslippe says:


    I have not heard of the flea and tick shampoo being a problem. The Sentry Pro XFC medicine for flea and ticks was an issue…I can’t see a shampoo doing this, but with this company,nothing ceases to amaze me.

  44. Mike P says:

    Yeah…really sorry to hear about the puppy. A lot of things could cause that, but the probability that Sentry caused it is very high if you ask me. Especially with such a young pup. I dont use it anymore since it really hurt both of my dogs but I dont remember what the age minimum was on the labeling. Your vet should be able to give you an idea of what happened?

  45. Kirstyn says:

    I put this(sentry) on my 10 lb. Shih-Tzu. thought it would be so helpful because her fleas were so bad and because of what we read about it on the box. Well we were wrong. She slept in my parents room all night and at 8 A.M. my dad came in and threw her on my bed saying, “It’s your turn.” I had no idea what had been going on so I just tried to go back to sleep. Only problem was, it is hard to sleep when you have a dog jumping up every 10 seconds to itch and bite herself! I had finally had enough and carried her down stairs since she couldn’t take three steps without stopping to itch. I went to the computer and looked up this demon medicine. First search suggestions that came up were, Sentrypro xfc side affects, lawsuits, and reactions. When I saw this my heart dropped. This was the first link so I clicked on it. I read the whole thing and when I had heard about everything that had happened to your dog I ran upstairs and woke up my mom to show her. She was equally irate about the situation, and that it was sold to us with these problems being known. I quickly gave her a bath in warm water and baking soda to calm her skin. It worked for about half a day and then the itching started again. Long story short, my poor baby now has hot spots and I have been told most likely will for the rest of her life. Now I am not going to press charges on SentryPro for what happened. But I sure can get people to stop buying their products all together. I know I am young but I am outspoken and stubborn and when I want something I get it. I have been offered a spot to write in our local news paper and I think I know what my first story is.

  46. Tiarra says:

    I had the same issue with my 18lb Havanese puppy (Mateo). He is 9 months old. I applied the treatment and he began exhibiting the symptoms the next day. I felt so horrible for what I have done. My dog is usually very quiet, but he was howling, whining, shaking his body and head as if he were wet, and rolling over on his back. It was absolutely horrible to listen to, he couldn’t sleep, couldn’t eat. I took him to his regular vet and she was useless. She just told me to bath him in Dawn and have a nice day. I bathed him in Dawn and it did absolutely nothing, if anything he got worse. He hid in my closet and howled and threw around my shoes. Finally, my Fiance and I decided to take him to the emergency vet. She gave him a shot of steroids and benedryll. The benedryll didn’t help him sleep but it did stop his whining and howling. He finally got to sleep 24HOURS after he first started showing signs of distress. When he woke up, he was still scratching, but no howling or jumping around like someone is torturing him. I can’t believe this site has as many as 800+ complaints and this poison is still on the shelves. I will continue to monitor my baby and pray that we make it through this with no lasting effects. Again, I am so angry at myself for not researching this product before applying it. NEVER AGAIN!!

  47. Stacey says:

    I just used this (now feeling like a fool) on my 7 month old BullBoxer Brennan. She immediately started to freak out running around the house doing anything she could to rub her back on something… anything to get this off. I Put her in the bath right away to wash this off… this crap came off, so did most of the hair on her back. To be honest I now know how her itching feeling because I am ITCHING myself, surprise suprise only where the water from washing this off got to me was. I find it rather insulting for the Sentry lady to give us a website that is titled read the label…. you think my puppy loosing her hair is my fault when I did read the directions??? Do you really think I would use a chemical on my dog without reading it?? Sure some experienced dog owners might put it on assuming it was the same way as other treatments, however if this many people are supposedly not reading the label or not reading it correctly maybe you should SPELL OUT THE INSTRUCTIONS. I get it that you’re being sued and if you change something you are basically admitting that you are wrong (and you are)but would you rather admit that you are wrong… take time to reformulate your product and write better instructions (because apparently we are all baboons and you are a freaking genius)then to have someone’s heart shattered because their dog DIED after using your product??? Our pets are like our children, When the makers of Tylenol found something defaulted in their product they immediately took it off the shelves.. yes it cost them money. But people stopped getting sick. Obviously Sentry wasn’t trying to poison my puppy but I think if their reaction would have been better a few years ago then Brennan wouldn’t be in pain and I wouldn’t be itching. If you say “sorry” and don’t fix the problem for the future then what you really should have said was “Oh well”

  48. Rawkstah says:

    Well I just had my first experience with this evil. Last night I put it on my Husky, Yuki, and my Lab/Pyrenees mix, Bacio (both 61+ lb doses). Yuki didn’t mind, but Bacio kept trying to bite his back. Bacio is a bit of a timid, shy, don’t touch me with anything foreign kinda dog, so I chalked it up to him not liking something new on him and put a t-shirt on him so he wouldn’t lick it. We actually had a vet appt this morning for shots and everything seemed ok minus Bacio still trying to gnaw his back off. a few hours after we got home Bacio vomited a couple times and we immediately got into the car and went back to the vet. He’s on benedryl and got a steroid shot. I bathed them both with Oatmeal shampoo when we got home. I noticed this post is 4 years old…. has anyone notice any long term effects? Do you think I should give Yuki some benedryl too? I’ll keep trying to hydrate the dogs to flush their systems. I’m sorry for all of you who’ve experienced this as well…. Its awful, I feel like I poisoned my pup.

  49. Shane says:

    My little Chatty is going crazy, just as you described. I am preparing a bath now. This is crazy.

  50. Jeannie says:

    Please everyone!

    Inform all the people you can by posting this Company’s very harmful and potentially fatal product on all the Forums you read. Forums usually have a section where you can talk about “everything” and that’s a good place to do it. You can even sneak the info into other posts as well I suppose.

    Get the word out as best you can about these awful SARGEANTS SENTRY PRO PRODUCTS! Use all 3 of those words so they can identify what NOT to buy. You can even put those words in the Subject title of your post.