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Problems with SentryPro XFC flea and tick medication

It’s approaching summertime here in Virginia, and after Lady Jaye and I went on a hike Saturday (more on that later) we knew it was time to break out the flea and tick medication for our dogs Porter and Rosie. I normally get FrontLine, but it was over three times the price of any other topical flea and tick product. I don’t remember it being so expensive. We purchased SentryPro XFC instead.

SentryPro XFC promises to kill fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, flea eggs, and flea larvae for up to three weeks. Sounded good to me. We bought two appropriate dosage sizes and applied them as directed to Porter and Rosie. Unlike other medications that go all the way to the base of the tail, SentryPro XFC is only to be applied from the base of the neck to halfway down the back. I thought this was odd, but didn’t think much more about it at the time.

Everything seemed to be going fine, and Lady Jaye and I went out for a bite to eat. We came home about three hours later. Rosie was flicking her tongue around, as if she was trying to get a funny taste out of her mouth. She drank some water, ran around, and then licked the side of the couch, tail wagging. Both dogs were scratching, but I chalked that up to the fleas biting for one last time before the SentryPro XFC put them to sleep … permanently.

An hour went by, and Rosie was still air-licking. She was also hacking and dry-heaving. I figured that Rosie had licked some of Porter’s treatment off his back. This would explain why we were directed to treat only halfway down the spine, so that the dog couldn’t lick off its own dose. I called the hotline on the back of the SentryPro box and talked to a very nice and helpful lady. She said that it was okay that Rosie ingested just a small dose, and gave me a tip to help soothe her mouth. I put two tablespoons of canned tuna fish juice in a bowl and made Rosie drink it. I think put one tablespoon of tuna fish juice in a small bowl with water, and gave it to Rosie. I made another one for Porter, just in case. After some coaxing, Rosie and Porter quite happily drank all of their nasty tuna water. The hotline lady asked us to watch Rosie to see if she if her dry heaving continued and be wary for a bloated stomach. If Rosie kept trying to vomit and wasn’t producing anything, her stomach could become distended. Another hour or so passed, and Rosie stopped licking. Things were looking up. We all went to bed, cradling Rosie like a baby in my left arm as usual.

It’s a good thing for Lady Jaye that I stay up late watching UFC. At about three in the morning I heard Rosie wretch. I turned just in time to see Rosie projectile vomit a huge chunk of grass towards Lady Jaye’s sleeping face, just inches away. Calling on the spirit of Caine from “Kung Fu,” I snatched the flying lump right out of the air. I cleaned everything up, and Rosie went back to sleep, her tail wagging gently. I thought we were out of the woods, but Sunday would bring a new set of problems with SentryPro XFC.

Both Rosie and Porter started shaking their fur as if they were wet. They were scratching themselves incessantly. Porter especially would shake his head, as if he had something in his ears. Lady Jaye and I scratched them whenever things seemed particularly bad, and this brought them some relief. Yay for fingers. The dogs were otherwise happy and energetic. They ate their food and drank water throughout the day. I did notice that Porter wasn’t as excited about his mid-day snack of carrots as usual, but I figured he was just tired of me giving him carrots as a treat all the time.

The itching and shaking continued well into the evening, and when I came to bed at about 1AM this morning, Porter couldn’t lie still. He’s tromp around the bed, lie down, then jump up with a start as if something had bitten him. I could hear him nibbling in the darkness, then he’d switch positions in the bed. I watched television for about an hour, but Porter didn’t stop his stomping itchfest. He eventually woke Lady Jaye up, and she got online to find out what problems other people were having with topical flea and tick medication. Symptoms reported online included: shaking as if wet, panting/heavy breathing, lethargy, and seizures. Apparently anything other than FrontLine can cause severe problems, including kidney failure and death. Fucking awesome. We decided to give Porter a benadryl to help him sleep. We all zonked out shortly thereafter, Rosie acting like a loaf of bread in my arms again.

I called our vet this morning. Since they don’t use SentryPro XFC or recommend anything other than FrontLine, they didn’t have any specific suggestions other than to give Porter and Rosie a bath. She suggested only using FrontLine in the future, no matter if I bought it from them or somewhere else. This echoed the sentiment we found on the Web, and whether or not this is true or just word of mouth marketing remains to be seen. I’ve used FrontLine on several dogs for several years without a problem, including Porter and Rosie. So there may be a kernel of truth in there.

I gave Porter and Rosie a bath after hanging up with the vet. After drying Porter off with a towel, he crouched down in the play position, wagging his tail. As soon as Rosie jumped out of the tub they started chasing each other. I heard Porter drinking water a few minutes later. I don’t think we’re out of the woods, and I hope they are just having a temporary allergic reaction on their skin due to the SentryPro XFC, but things seem better. I am going to keep an eye on them today to watch for the more dangerous symptoms. They seem happy for now, but please keep your fingers crossed for our pups.

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  1. Jeannie says:

    I forgot to say, if you do post this info on Forums, go back to your post now and then and bump it to the top so it’ll get read more.

  2. Tami says:

    I purchased Sentry Pro XFC from Petsmart Thursday of last week. I just applied it to my 3 pugs 24 hours ago. This has been the most horrific experience ever. About 4 hours after application of the product, I started noticing that the dogs were acting funny and wouldn’t sit still. They were all acting as if they had rabies. They were running around and heavily panting like crazy. They were whining, barking, scratching, jumping around, and their backs were burning. They were flopping around like fish out of water. My youngest pug was affected the worst, he didn’t sleep at all last night. I had to get up multiple times and wipe him down with a wet wash cloth. At 11:30 last night i thought he had died. He jumped down to the floor and just fell limp. I called his name and he didn’t answer, I had to shake him vigorously for him to come to. My other 2 pugs were annoyed and itchy, but they were better than him. It was a sleepless night and I was worried all night. In the morning, I noticed all the dogs were flopping around and trying to scratch themselves. I gave them all baths, and they are still scratching and won’t sit still, but i think it has improved somewhat. I will stay home tomorrow to watch them, because I am afraid of what this product could do. I want this product off of the market, so this can not happen to any other dogs!

  3. Jeannie says:

    Tami, I can sure sympathize with you. I applied it to my 2 Pugs and they went wild. One tried to climb to the moon, he just kept jumping up on anything he could, like he was desparate to be up high. A strangely unusual behavior! I bathed them both with Dawn and they lived thru all this by the grace of God, but sure suffered a lot. I sure hope your Pugs survive this deadly ‘medicine’.

  4. Leslie StClair says:

    I put this crap on my dogs on May 17, I have four, two toy poodles almost 9 years of age, a minature pinscher that is almost 4 and an American Bulldogs that is 16 months. Within 4 hours three of them were sick, whinning, running around, only one of the poodles wasn’t affected. I got online and found this site and decided it would be pointless to call the manufacturer. That night the one poodle affected walked the bed constantly, the min pin usually will cover herself with a small blanket and sleep wasn’t sleeping. Both were panting all night. I got up at 130 when my son sent the bulld dog down an gave them all a bath with baby shampoo. The min pin and bull dog settled down and went to sleep. We went to the vet the next afternoon, he said I’d already done the best thing by bathing them, my poodle girl Micayla had a fever so he sent us home with a box of doggie electrolites. She is still barely sleeping at night so that means I’m not either, panting like crazy off and on. I have been giving her benedryl at bedtime, doesn’t seem to help, she is still moving constantly and whinning. The other two are fine now. We will be back at the vet Monday morning. I am going to send sentry all my vet bills and if they don’t pay them I have already talked to my attorney and he will be happy to file lawsuit. I posted on facebook about what is going on and told my family and friends to spread the word about this product. I am also going to the pet shop I bought it from and tell the manager about it, don’t know if it will get them to stop selling it or not, maybe I’ll sue them too.

  5. Debbie V- MI says:

    I have two 14lb. maltipoos that I applied SentryPro to last May. Within 15 minutes after application my two dogs were whining, running around and had muscle spasms so bad that they could not find any comfortable postion. This was at about 8 p.m.. I too called the 800 number for Sentry, bathed them in Dawn and tried to calm both of them till morning when I could get them to the vet. I was on the vets doorstep first thing in the morning and was told that they see this alot some with much worse results than my two boys were having:( The vet gave them a muscle relaxant and steroids and said to give them plenty of water. It took about a week before they seemed to be normal again. I felt so horrible. I was just trying to protect my pets and thanks to Sentry I almost killed them! I too went to Petsmart where I purchased the product to complain, but my complaint fell on deaf ears. The manager at Petsmart said that my dogs nust have just had a bad reation to it and that he had no intetentions of taking it off the shelves because they sell alot of it. Needless to say they are more concerned about making a buck than they are of caring for our animals.I would NEVER have purchased SENTRY If I had known how dangerous it really is. I guess I felt if a reputable petstore carried it, it was safe. I am now very fearful of applying any medication to my dogs and this year the ticks in our area have been terrible and they really need something. I went to the vet and purchased Revoultion, I have yet to put it on them does anyone know of a natural Tick repelent? If so would love to hear about it. Please spread the word about this product to anyone you know who loves their pets.

  6. Jill Campisciano says:

    Just used this Sentry product for the first time on my two standard poodles. Read the directions, kept them apart. First poodle, Louigi, started immediately reacting with itching and stumbling. Second poodle, Dante, started about a half hour later. Read this after the fact – and I am kicking myself for EVER using anything besides Frontline. This is terrifying as I paid $4000 a year ago to save my poodle Louigi from dying of bloat – and now I am putting both of my babies through this hell! Whatever this is – the emergency clinic said this is dangerous and that she gets calls about his on a regular basis. At this moment, my husband is running around at 1:30 am trying to find an open store with Dawn dish washing soap. Unfortunately – none of us knew about this or we wouldn’t now be writing about it on this website!! Please let’s make sure this message goes out to those whom have not yet used this poison/pesticide on their pets.Emergency vet said expect 24-36 hours before any improvement after we bathe them. Recommended tranquilizers if my older poodle does not settle down to make sure he does not stress himself into a seizureE

  7. Kelly says:

    I just used this product tonight on both of my dogs. It did not seem to bother one but the other has been itching and foaming and drooling all over the place. I fed her extra as package suggested and I am just going to watch for 24 hours. I have used other products in the past and have NEVER had a problem..I would not recommend this and I plan on taking my other box back to the store where it came from..not worth the few dollars I saved.

  8. Mike P says:


    PLEASE DO NOT DO NOTHING. Bathe your dog SEVERAL TIMES immediately using Dawn dish washing liquid and rinse WELL…your dog is poisoned. This stuff is pure POISON. Some dogs are affected worse than others.

  9. sarah says:

    call the fda it there is a promble
    its the only way to get if off the market

  10. Virginia Hanna says:

    SO sorry to hear your tale of woe. Sadly, even though this has not hurt our dogs, our cats sleep with our dogs. White Fang and Magellan are feared dead (we cannot find them AND they both have kittens to nurse, so the kittens will probably die too!); Little Greybeard will probabbly not make it, and it was him who alerted us to a problem, due to his inability to walk, shivering, unable to open his eyes, and this weird head movement; Matisse is quite shaky, and did not put up much of a fight against her bath; Adolf is lethargic and a bit shaky. But like I said, the dogs seem okay. We bathed ALL of the animals, visible symptoms or not!
    If it is ANY consolation for you guys–which I doubt–your story helped us. First, and most importantly, because it enabled us to pinpoint that it WAS this product that was hurting our animals, so we knew to get it OFF of them; second, because it helped my husband to not beat himself up too bad about it. He doesn’t read all that well, so he did not see the caution about cats! But if we had known, we could have at least known to keep the cats away from the dogs. And third, we didn’t waste our money on a vet. So, your story helped us to know that it IS this product that is the problem with our animals, so we bathed them right away, dogs included. Our dogs do not seem affected, but who knows what damage could be done to them neurologically? We could see right away that whatever it was, it was some kind of neuro-toxin that was affecting Greybeard. My husband is a country boy, so he doesn’t have any of those “wimpy” sensitivities to “putting down” any animal (with his bare hands if a drug or gun is not available) if necessity dictates. Believe me, he isn’t going to get any “pleasure” out of it if he has to destroy these animals. (UPDATE: Magellan has been found. Oh no! She is in BAD condition, worse than Greybeard. And she is nursing. She is like she is in “permanent seizure”! What are we going to do? She is so sick she can’t even fight the bath. I think she and her kittens will have to be destroyed. I am crying again now…)
    I signed the petition, but it seems like too little too late. I am shocked that this company has made it POSSIBLE for animals to be exposed to such a toxic substance. By the way, have any of us wondered what this poison is doing to US? Thank GOD my husband wore gloves.
    We have got an epidemic on our hands here! The eldest cat is missing, Maggie is in permanent seizure mode, Matisse and Adolf are slightly less jittery, and Greybeard is on the mend. While the dogs SEEM unaffected, I do NOT trust appearances.
    I am sick and tired of these corporations putting out products that harm us and our environment and getting away with it! We live in Louisiana, by the way, so we KNOW that the people are NOT protected by those we pay to protect us: the government. We are on our own with this kind of thing, and as far as we are concerned we look forward to the failure of the current government, so we can get about the business of rebuilding and do it RIGHT this time. This company would NOT be getting away with this, say, 200 years ago. For every ONE miscarriage of justice brought about by “lynch mobs,” I suspect that a 100 were right on target. I also suspect that far fewer people would do unethical things in business if they knew that the PEOPLE were going to come after them with torches and a ROPE!
    Maybe my point of view upsets many of you, and I AM a peacable person, but sometimes GOOD people are pushed to the limit where they have to do what may seem to be bad things in order to protect themselves and their community. All this government cares about is making profit for themselves and nothing more.
    I just called the company and it is obvious that they are quite accustomed to this complaint. There is no way that “representative” could be so poised if she weren’t already prepared to deal with people like me. I warned them that if our dogs die, there is going to be HELL for them to pay!
    I will sign off now,. because I could just go on and on and on..Again, thank you so much for sharing your terrible story. Like I said, of it weren’t for you and others like you who posted your stories, we might not have known for sure what was wrong with our animals. So thank you SO much.

    With deep regards, Rev. Virginia Hanna Belt

  11. Virginia Hanna says:

    Well, here it is JUne of 2011 and NOTHING has been done to remove this product from the market! They KNOW that this stuff is poison but they are not going to admit it. I told the woman I spoke to that I hope that my irritating voice keeps her awake at night. I also told her that I am 47 years old and that I am POOR for a reason: I have had to make choices about who I work for and that my MORALITY has made it impossible for me to work for a company that I know does evil, which nowadays is pretty much EVERY corporation. I would rather starve.
    I am posting this link on Facebook to warn ALL my friends about this sruff. And if I see ONE MORE “review” written by a person who says he knows it hurts “some” animals, but not his, so it is GREAT and buy it, I am going to track that person down and kick their butts.
    Shocking to me that this has been poisoning animala since 2002 and STILL they have not done anything about it. I am disgusted beyond belief. No wonder the woman I spoke to was so “poised.” I hope she rots in HELL. We DO have a choice for whom we work and this MONSTER cheerily goes home and sleeps. The rest of us can’t sleep because 1) our animals are so sick they are keeping us awake, and 2) because, unlike the people who work for this company, we have human FEELINGS, that include a) a sense of responsibility, b) compassion for helpless, innocent creatures who trust us, and c)a conscience.
    I will NEVER purchase a SINGLE product from this company or ANY of its parent or subsidiary companies. Evil PURE evil.
    By the way, now my doga ARE beginning to have a reaction–not seizures, thank God, but lethargy. We ONLY bought this junk because we had cash but no money in our bank account to purchase it online.
    Thanks to everyone for letting me sound off!

  12. KB says:

    Thank you ALL!!!!! I was recently given two dosage of this Sergeant’s sentry pro, b/c my parents (they are the one who gave me it, w/ NO knowledge of the toxicity of this chemical!) did not like the oily residue. I accepted them happily. Since my parents dog is 80lbs and mine 48-50lbs I wanted to check online for info on the weight cut off. I did not want to use it if it was to strong for my dogs weight. Anyways….to make a short story long….

    This site built by so many great people, with the only desire to help others, and save dogs from the pain and possible death if exposed to this toxin. A truly selfless act.(which is rare)
    With the knowledge I have gained through reading your experiences I was made fully aware of this poison and will destroy that what I have before me, never to touch the fur of any dog. I truly and grateful, and proud of what I have read here on this day, you all are good people, God Bless you all and all 4 legged ones, and try to….
    Take it light…
    I think if pet owners (especially dog owners) ruled the world, I think the world would be a much better place!!!(of course with council from the dog….lol) THANK YOU ALL!

  13. Virginia Hanna says:

    Thanks KB. I am SO glad to hear a story of the risks of this dreadful toxin being averted by the efforts of people sharing their stories here. It was too late for my pets by the time I resorted to this. There was a good deal of animal suffering in THIS household that horrible day. But, like KB, I would like to extend my gratitude to this animal lovers community. All canines and felines are accounted for and completely recovered, even the nursing kittens no worse for missing a few meals. Oddly, however, the humans, cats, and dogs got a positive side effect from this crisis: we are all even more closely knit as a family. I know that this sounds strange and nerdy, and so it is! But our ad hoc emergency animal hospital with all the beasts lined up together in cardboard beds with old towels for sheets, wet, shivering, clinging to one another for warmth and comfort wrought some changes in consiousness.
    But NEVER AGAIN will I use ANY new product for ANY purpose before checking it against the wisdom of the people. We should have known better, really, than to trust a corporation with our safety in this way. After all, we ALL know that the EPA and FDA are manned by corporate hacks, so we are going to have to re-learn that we should put our trust in the community, NOT the monolithic, impersonal, and corrupt corporatocracy. When we place our trust in each other rather than in outside “authorities” (whose only stake is a paycheck or a power trip) we reap great benefits beyond just “information” or even wisdom–trust, neighborliness, accomplishment, empowerment, usefulness, responsibility, empathy, security–the list is probably endless, and we don’t have to pay taxses to get all of these benefits either!
    Thanks again for all the information and support here. We signed the pet-ition.

  14. Amanda says:

    This thread is so frustrating and sad, but not unexpected to me, unfortunately. I have worked in the veterinary industry for over 10 years, and I know all too well how awful and toxic SentryPro and Hartz are to pets. I have seen many cases of seizures and brain damage, and several deaths. Vets are prevented from warning specifically about these products for fear of being sued for slander. I don’t know how it’s all still on the market. These medications are pesticides (the same ones we are warned to wear a mask and gloves while using, and contact poison control if it touches skin). Frontline and Advantage are both 100% safe and very effective. They do not go into the system like this does, but stay in the top two layers of skin, and are not pesticides, but destroy the exoskeleton of invertebrates. They are very safe and non toxic, and wonderful products. I hope someday we can get Sargent and Hartz off the market and make them pay for all the pain and lies.

  15. Cody in Texas says:

    This stuff scared the he’ll out of me. If my dogs hadnt gotten any better I would have gone to the home office of SentryPro and kicked the crap out of all of those jackasses. It hurt real bad to watch my dogs trip out like that.

  16. Brian Morton says:

    Thank you to all those who posted on here!! I think I saved myself a very long night with my Husky. I went to Petco and saw this Sentry Pro treatment for WAY cheaper and I thought, why the hell would I spend 60 bucks when i can spend ten. I applied the treatment then went online to look into people having “successes” with it. Haven’t yet seen one person stating they had success. Only TONS of negative horror stories. She started scratching repeatedly on her eye and back of ear. She kept pacing all around and looked really uncomfortable.

    I immediately gave my husky a deep clean with dish soap in about 30 minutes after i applied. Although she struggled with me to get a good bath, it was well worth it. She continued the scratching and pacing for about another 30 minutes and finally has calmed way down scratching only every so often just like she was with the fleas without treatment.

    Are there any vets on this forum that would know when I could apply a good product like Frontline after this experience? is there any chance of mixing this terrible product with Frontline and making the problem worse?? My dog is still uncomfortable with the fleas and I need to make her feel better 🙂


  17. Carrie says:

    hi, my name is Carrie and i am a current employee of PetSmart. I was shocked to read these horror stories about the use of Sentry Pro and even more shocked by the fact that is is still on the shelves of PetSmart. Though i can not do anything about the fact that we sell this product, i can make sure that i tell every customer who intends to buy it about what i have read on this site. Thankfully, i am only reasearching these products so that i do know what to recommend and what to tell customers to completely stay away from. I am so glad i found this post and these stories so that i can try to help in preventing these symptoms from happening to any more helpless pets.
    Thanks for your stories and comments about the use of this Horrible product.

  18. Renata says:

    I gave my cocker spaniel the Sentrypro XFC Flea and Tick this morning as 7am. My daughter called me when she woke up at 11:30 informing me our dog was foaming at the mouth and shaking her head crazy. Although she couldnt have ingested any, my daughter gave her milk, which seemed to help the crazy head shaking (seizures).I rushed home and took her to the Vet. The first thing they did was bathe her neck with Dawn dish soap removing the Sentrypro. They gave her a shot of electrolytes an anti naseau and a med to help with the muscle spasms. We are home now and monitoring her. She will be ok. This shouls not be sold at Pets Stores and I will make damn sure they know! The maker and the store are at least liable for my Vet and lost wages cost. I am so grateful my dog lived and I didnt crash getting to the ER Vet.

  19. Jose G says:

    My little chihuahua/minpin mix was treated a few days ago with this product. He has been kicking his back legs out like his hip or leg is hurt. After examining his structure for injuries I found none. The only thing I can think of is it started happening after we put flea treatment on him. It happened before when we had his nails clipped and that same day was treated for fleas. We thought it was the nails cut close that was causing him to kick his legs out, but this time we didn’t cut his nails. Has to be the treatment.
    Must be causing some kind of neurological problems or something. I don’t know… Any ideas? Other than kicking out his legs, Thank God he had no other symptoms.

  20. Sandra Newport says:

    Treated my 4 AKC Standard Poodles, 45-60 pounds, with Sentry Pro XFC. 3 of the 4 had a really bad reaction with panting, nervousness, shaking, trembling, and a little spitting up. Rusty isolated himself within hours and was very lethargic. He ended up with his skin and hair completely melting off his body where sentry pro XFC was applied. It left him with a patch that is raw, bloody, pussing, and brown almost rotted looking skin (on a pink skinned apricot poodle). Rusty’s raw abrasion is a 3 inche circle where and all of his hair fell out in that area. A picture of the damage that sentry did to Rusty is enough to make most people sick! My other male (Kosmo) also has the same type of raw, bloody, pussy abrasion with the hair still falling out at application site. If you could see just how sick sentry made them. I have two claims with Sentry (one medical and the other customer service) and expect they will get back with me to go over the details. I told them their product needs to be removed from the market, and that I was going to contact the Environmental Protection Agency to find out what they are doing about it. I also asked for statistics on the number of sick dogs, but that info will come from Sentry when they call me back. Is money so important to Sentry’s executives that they ignore all of the complaints on what their product continues to do to dogs of which I am just finding out about. Commercials and online ads need to be pushed to let the uninformed public know about how bad Setry pro is. My poor suffering dogs who were in outstanding health (and beauty). Never, ever will I use one of their products again! I am so angry I could just scream, but really feel like just crying.

  21. C. Rae Nelson says:

    We used this product, after a recommendation by a PetSmart trainer. Within a couple of hours, he was very disoriented, wobbly, vomiting and shaky. I thought he was going to die. He’s better now, still lethargic with a decrease in appetite. Was told by the vet it could take weeks for a complete recovery. This happened Sunday. It broke my heart to see my daughters hug him as if it was going to be for the last time before we took him to the vet. Happiness was Monday when we went to pick him up to bring him back home. A rollercoaster of emotions. What this company and PetSmart doesn’t seem to understand is that these are not just dogs or pets, these babies are our family, our guardians, our hearts. They love us unconditionally. It would have left us heartbroken and incomplete if we lost Cysco. Add us to this long list of people so completely disappointed in Sentry and PetSmart. Disappointment is an understatement. Words can’t describe how I felt when I found out what was causing his distress. I trusted PetSmart.

  22. Thank you to all who post. We understand that it is a very emotional time when your dog has shown a reaction to a product. We are all pet
    owners and lovers here, too, and not just employees at Sergeant’s. As a general reminder, please be sure if you have any questions or concerns about any of our products, to contact our Consumer Affairs department at 1-800-224-PETS (7387) so that they can assist you with your specific case. We want to hear from you any time you have a dog has a reaction to a product, we can investigate to understand what has happened, and also so that we can work with you on your individual case.

    C. Rae, I hope that Cysco is feeling much better. As I said above, I hope you will contact us so that we can work with you individually to resolve your case.

    Sandra, our Consumer Affairs department has indicated that you have contacted them, and I am glad you’ve taken this positive first step.
    Once you send the veterinarian report, they can continue to assist you in your case as well. We never ignore the concerns of our customers, or the health of their pets, and have a team dedicated to working with
    customers who have concerns or questions.

    Sharon, Sergeant’s Pet Care Products, Inc.

  23. Sandra Newport says:

    Update: My in-home groomer, who has been grooming my poodles since birth, broke out in a terrible reaction from bathing the four dogs to get the Sentry Pro XFC off of them. Both of her hands are peeling with a major rash and bumps. Her right hand is worse, probably because she is right handed. The groomer says she has been exposed to every dog and cat chemical there is over the last 30 years, including some that were removed off of the market. The troubling part is that she said has never had a reaction like this before. Anyone surprised by that? Not me! My male poodles are slowly healing where the Sentry Pro XFC left raw skin, no hair, pus, and boils. It took about a week before any of the four dogs got their appetite back. They each get 5-6 treats every morning when I make my coffee. They hardly wanted treats for a week and barely touched their food. By the way, Seargents had all their nice people check on us and bribe us with sending toys and treats…. like that is going to change anything. The front-end customer service reps at Seargents really are nice. Its the greedy executives that need to be unemployed. Also, Seargents refused to provide any statistics regarding illnesses and deaths related to Sentry Pro XFC. Funny thing is they told me I would have to get those numbers from EPA, the Federal regulatory authority. So, why does Seargents not want to provide numbers? Too many maybe? Once I get the EPA numbers and pictures off of my phone, I will post them.

  24. Sharon Gamm says:

    After reading these comments, I just wanted to cry! My puggle, Jack, had the same effects after using the Pro Sentry flea and tick solution. I did not get any sleep for 2 days from worrying if he was going to have a heart attack with his panting. His back right leg kept freezing up and I thought it was his knee problem that we were treating. The muscle spasms last night during his sleep kept me fretting about what to do. Has there been any class action law suit after these 5 years and can we all join together? This is ridiculuos!

  25. Dawn S. says:

    Can someone please tell me how the original posting on the dangers of Sentry Pro was back in 2007 and yet it was still available for purchase at Pet Smart 4 years later? Both my dogs had a terrible reaction to this product! I have bathed them….twice and treated them with benedryl and yet none of us have slept yet! Does anyone know how long the itching, pacing and restlessness will last?? I’m exhausted and feel terrible for the pups!

  26. Suzi M says:

    I purchased this product yesturday and put it on my boxer today right before we are to leave on a trip for a week. She started licking everything…the windows, floors, us. then she rubbed herself all over the floors, beds, sand box where ever she could. Finally 10 hours later i called the 800# and they suggested that I bathe her with Dawn. She will not settle down, it is almost like it is worse. So I can I leave her at the kennel for a week….thank goodness it is located on the same premises as the vet. I will for sure have her sedated and will be billing this company for every penny and much more! This is crazy. I am also calling my local Petsmart manager tomorrow and telling him about this website.

  27. Danny says:

    I just used this poison on my 30lbs terrior mix. The local pet supply store had a limited selection, so I was unable to buy frontline like I usually do.

    An hour after applying the drops as directed, my little guy started scratchin with his hind legs, furiously. It looked like he was tryin to scratch his back. I thought it was the fleas dying. So I went out for dinner.

    I just got back, and now its been 3 hours since I applied the drops. Instinct finally told me that something was not right so I did a quick search online. Good thing I found this site, I just gave him a thorough scrub down bath and he has stopped scratching. Now I can only cross my fingers and keep monitoring him. I hope he doesnt start with the foaming and seisures.

    Tomorrow, I am printing out the pages of comments on this website and taking them to the pet supply store. I will strongly advise the proprietor to remove all remaining boxes of this dog poison.n

  28. David Grayeagle says:

    I wish I had come across this post before I used it on my dogs. I have one dog (my baby) that is trembling, vomiting,and can hardly walk strait. I live on an Island and our Vet is on the run on another Island. I am doing all I can until I the Vet returns. My other dog is just sleeping and does not want to move. I pray the morning brings relief.

  29. Nadia says:

    I used this product on my 40lbs pitbull two days ago and she started reacting a couple of hours later. She kept on scratching herself. After about 3 hours I bathed her with a mild soap. Even though the scratching stopped she kept pacing all night so I let her sleep next to me but her ears would not stop twitching. I called the hotline and they told me to wash her with dawn three times which is what I did. Yesterday I took her to the vet and she told me there was nothing I could do. I asked her if I should bathe her again and she said no. She is eating and drinking normally but her ears are still twitching and red. I’m not sure if I should take her to another vet. I’m very worried about her.

  30. Ann in Houston says:

    Thanks everyone for the words of wisdom. I applied this product to my 65 lb chocolate lab last night before bed around 1am and woke up with her quivering beside me in bed at 4am. As she NEVER sleeps in bed with me but usually on the floor in her own bed, I knew something was really wrong. She was wide-eyed and stumbling around like a drunken drugged out dog. She kept rubbing her back on the corners of things rolling on the floor, shaking her head and panting like she had just run a marathon. It was completely driving me insane. I immediately thought of the Sentry and gave her a good long bath. She is still a little jittery but is happily licking what is left of a jar of peanut butter next to me while I type this. Definitely not worth the money saved. Your posts helped confirm my suspicions and ease my worries. Thanks again for sharing your experiences! Since the vet doesn’t open until 7am, I think I would have gone insane wondering what in the world was wrong with her without this post. Hope everyone’s pets continue to do well. I’ll definitely be telling everyone I know with a pet about this horrible experience.

  31. Sharon Gam says:

    My puggle finally had no more symptoms, like the muscle spasms, after 3 weeks. My vet had no experience like this to know how to treat and the pet store employee told me I shouldn’t have boughten the cheaper product. The Sargeant person told me I had washed my dog too many times and that I should moisterize his skin which was B.S. since the poison was in his central nervous system. We had a follow-up reaction when we took him to a hotel and I figured they probably use flea/tick powder to sanitize the room. There are class action law suits and I contacted the EPA and the National Pesticide Bureau to give them all incident reports. Good Luck everybody!

  32. Audie says:

    We have a 3 year old Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier named Winston. I had purchased the Sentry Pro product a couple of years ago and had used an application on Winston w/o any side affects. Just yesterday my husband gave Winston his heartworm treatment and used the Sentry Pro instead of Frontline on him. What a mistake! The product ended up running down the one side of him and he did most likely ingest some of it due to licking. Within an hour he started vomiting and salvating uncontrollably. Winston was also shaking and acting very nervous … couldn’t sit still and acted as if something was bothering him especially where the application had been applied.

    My husband found this website on the internet and after reading a little bit we decided to give him a bath. After the bath he was still huffing & puffing and acting somewhat nervous. He continued that way through the night and even today is panting and kind of nervous. He is still eating & drinking and we’re considering that to be a good sign.

    We will never use this product again … the remainder went in the trash! I even threw out some Sentry Pro shampoo that I had in the cupboard … I will never purchase another Sentry Pro product again!

    I wish we would’ve know this before using it. We’re hoping our dog will be fine … time will tell. I think it’s sad that there are still people reporting issues with the product … it should be taken off every stores shelves!!

  33. Jason Welcker says:

    I gave this stuff to my 4 year old pug tonight, and and kicking myself now for not researching this beforehand. He’s obviously BEYOND discomfort. I’ve bathed him twice very thoroughly and gave him half a benadryl. Hopefully this crap wears off soon. I will be signing the petition and starting my own campaign to get this petition signed by as many people as possible.

  34. Nadia says:

    update: my dog’s ears were extremely red when I put my post up. A few days later they started scabbing horribly like if they were burnt. The scabbing and twitching went away in two weeks. She’s now back to normal. This was an awful experience.

  35. Jennifer says:

    I bought this for my dog as a way to save $ on the very expensive frontline & K9 advantix and boy what a MISTAKE that way. My dog had a severe allergic reaction just hours of applying the product. After speaking to animal poison control ($35 a call) I was instructed to bathe him with dishwashing soap to remove the oil residue of the product and still the symptoms of severe itching and muscle spasms continue. I am currently up all night with him. Had to give him a strong sedative to ease his symptoms. He seems to be resting now. Let’s see how long it takes for this allergic reaction to subside. This information was very helpful . I can’t believe this has been going on for YEARS!

  36. Lucie Umenhofer says:

    I put this product on my small poodle terrier mix at 10am in the morning. When I got home my husband said she had been lethargic and was having trouble with her back legs. When I observed her walking it was obviously a neurological problem. I had read everything on the packaging and it said nothing of nerological side effects. I immediatley went on the internet and discovered it to be a neurotoxin!! I washed her twice with oatmeal shampoo and she instantly felt better. I didn’t read about dishwashing soap till after. She seems to have a lingering sensation in her back foot. Probably tingling or numbness. As I see from this website we are lucky her reaction wasn’t worse! I signed a petition and will never buy a sentry product again! If a dog food caused a fraction of these problems it would have been pulled immediately!! There has to be a way to get this out there to prevent any more tragedies!!

  37. Gail says:

    I bought this product on Jan 13th (friday) go figure “Friday the 13th…It was horrible, I put the Sentry bad toxin on Jojo and almost immediately he started to twinch…OMG! I thought I just killed my dog. All weekend I have been up craddling him. I feel absolutely terrible for doing this to him. I have bathe him everyday with the dawn..He’s calming down alittle. Yesterday, Sunday 2 days later he starts to vomit. I’m really worried about him.After talking with the Vet, I gave Jojo some ice cubes to lick so he won’t get dehydrated. I am watching him like an hulk, now to my dismay Mon 16th bumps are starting to appear under the skin, not visble to the eye yet. Is there anything you guys suggeest to treat them. The vets can’t do anything more and I’m freaking out. Where can I get tuna juice from and what is it going to do for him. Waiting out the biggest nightmare I ever created. If I would not have bought that product, I wouldn’t be making Jojo suffer .

    • DrFaulken says:

      Hi Gail,

      Sorry to hear about JoJo. The tuna juice is just the liquid from a can of tuna. You probably don’t need this as it is more helpful for when a dog is nauseous or has something nasty in its mouth.

      Hug your little guy for us.

  38. susan says:

    Am going through this with my 2 year old shih tzu, I called and did the bathing but he is still going nuts, acts the same way all the others I read about here do. I think there should be some warning on the box, seems the reactions are all the same but the company vet seems to not know this. this site was big help to me. Sentry was not. They act as it never happens, but here is proof they are lying. What, they don’t have a clue??? I think there should be a class action suit for all the hell they put our pets as us through for no other reason but they are greedy bastards.

  39. Maureen says:

    Wish I would have seen this before I bought the Sentry, doesn’t do you any good to save a few dollars. We never had this problem with Frontline. This Sentry stuff is awful! My poor little dog is going crazy, shaking and scratching. 🙁 I agree with Susan, greedy bastards!

  40. Josh says:

    Gave SentryPro XFC to our two puggles, Fletcher & Walter. About an hour later I found Walter foaming from the mouth. Called the # on the box, the lady was nice, but that doesn’t make up for the fact that now I’m up monitoring both of my dogs as they continually throw up, itch uncontrollably and moan/cry.

    Not only will I never buy SentryPro XFC, but I’m going to do everything I can to get this product banned.


  41. Anthony says:

    I bought this for a 11-20 lb Daschund that my girlfriend and I are adopting from my less than loving aunt and uncle. He was literally infested with fleas and since I haven’t had a chance to get him to a vet for a revolution prescription I bought the most expen.sive otc product I could find. We put it on him and left him in their yard for 2 days before giving him a bath. He hasn’t had any of the problems listed, and played for hours earlier with our other daschund in the back yard, Even still he won’t be getting a second treatment.

  42. Rachel says:

    I bought this for my 1.5 yr old, 70 lb pit bull thinking it would be just as effective as Frontline. I read only good reviews about the product until now. I am amazed at how this product is still on the market!! I gave him a dose last night while he was sleeping. After I gave it to him I went online and found this blog. I began to freak out, but Bentley was still sleeping like a baby. I went on to bed and this morning he was not his usual self. He usually jumps on the bed and wakes me up, but he was too weak to climb on the bed. He refused water and food throughout the morning. He was being very lethargic as this is a noted side effect on the box. He was acting very scared and was shivering. I have been monitoring him all day and finally got him to eat a little. He will not drink his water but I have been giving him ice chips to substitute the fluid he isn’t getting and he is eating the ice. He is usually so playful and right now he is too weak to even give me his normal high five. I pray his symptoms don’t get worse. Five years later and all these additional cases and nothing has been done about this product? What is going on here?!?

  43. Nikki says:

    We just purchased this product on May 5, 2012 for our 8 year old toy poodle and our 7 month old toy poodle. I wished we would have done more research first. Both of our poodles were experiencing the same promblems listed above. It was so bad they were eating at their skin until they were bleeding. My 8 year old poodle had a few seizures the first night. I gave both of them baths. The next morning purchased our original flea medicine Advantix. They are both doing better now. I hope this medicine gets taken off the market. I will do my part to help ban this product.

  44. mo power says:

    So here it is 5 YEARS LATER, Same thing happened to us last night, I petted Hughie many hours after I had put the SENTRYPRO XFC on him, Then unwittingly rubbed my hand across my forhead, felt a terrible burning sensation. i washed immediatly, but 13 hours later im still feeling the burn.. Of course I bathed Hughie straight away as i figured that he was feeling the burn much more than me as I had put the concentrated stuff directley onto him.. oh how bad I felt for him, I then ran around town 2am getting vitamin E oil, and Benadryl, Have administered and now await. results….I am now POSTING ON FACEBOOK and going to ask for help in spreading the word. SENTRYPRO SAY NO~TOXIC STUFF WEVE HAD ENOUGH~ And I am going to stand with my handmade sign after work outside Petco where I bought this stuff and WARN THE CUSTOMERS~Until they TAKE IT OFF THE SHELF~ wish me and Hughie luck..thanks for all the info this blog helped a lot.

  45. Sharon Gamm says:

    This is a response from the EPA concerning my complaint against Sentry PRO Flea and Tick Solution. Not much of an action, just a change in packaging.

    We have responded to your inquiry.

    Thank you for the information you submitted regarding your 4 ½ year old puggle’s reaction to Sentry Pro XFT. We hope your pet has made a full recovery and we apologize for the delay in responding.

    We wanted to let you know the status of our investigation of spot-on pesticide products used on cats and dogs. As you may know, following increase in incident reports associated with these products, the EPA received additional information from the pet spot-on pesticide registrants and others and began an intensive evaluation of these products. The EPA released its evaluation of incidents associate with Pet
    Spot-On products in spring 2010, and since that time some registrants made
    changes proactively to their pet spot on product labels to address some of the
    concerns that the Agency identified. In addition, in October 2011, the EPA sent letters to all of the pet spot-on registrants requesting more specific label changes within 6 months of receipt of the letter. The Agency is beginning to see applications for amendments to product labels in response to the EPA letter. Over the next few months, the EPA will be reviewing these amendments to revise spot-on product labels to ensure that the necessary changes are adequately addressed.

    The team’s full report can be found online in the docket for this action at!documentDetail;D=EPA-HQ-OPP-2010-0229-1154.

    In the future, carefully read and follow the product label and any prohibitions and apply only the amount indicated for the size of the animal being treated. If your pet experiences an adverse reaction, immediately bathe the pet with mild soap and rinse with large amounts of water. Keep the package with the product container (such as individual applicator tubes).
    Also keep the package after treatment in case adverse effects occur. You
    will want to have the instructions at hand, as well as contact information for the manufacturer.

    For more information on taking care of fleas and ticks on your pet please visit the following link

    Again, thank you for information and we hope your dog has made a full recovery.

    Ticket Information:
    Ticket #: 23002-269654
    Date Created: 10/06/2011 08:56 AM EDT

  46. Sage says:

    Tonight we tried to use this product on our cat to treat her fleas. It was terribly painful and scary for her — much worse than when she has been accidentally sprayed with my hair products. About twenty minutes later, she started foaming at the mouth and gagging. We had no idea what to do so we just waited and made sure she was still breathing.

    At this point our cat is no longer gagging, but has several bald spots on her back where we sprayed this product on her. We were not able to remove the product with water before she jerked from my arms in pain.

    We feel awful and will never use SentryPro again. It was no surprise to search for it online and find this thread as the second hit… I only wish I’d looked before we tried it.

    Sage & Chris, Mountain View CA

  47. Rachel F. says:

    I used sentry pro on my poor pomeranian pup 9 days ago. When I noticed she was acting weird I immediately washed it off of her with Dawn. She had it on for 7 hours. I felt so horrible and still do! She is mostly back to her normal self, but when she lays down to fall asleep she still has the jerking, twitching, or whatever you want to call it. I’m really worried that this hasn’t gone away yet… Also, im not sure if scratching her ears was one of the side affects, but she is still scratching and I can’t find a single flea on her. Did anyone else’s dogs have lasting effects

  48. LSJCA.F says:

    I am so so so so so happy I went online and looked at reviews of this product before I put it on my beloved dogs. I bought this as PetCo today, because it was cheaper than FrontLine. I typically read reviews of everything before I buy but I was in the store and needed something right then. So after I bought it I got curious and hopped online. I figured reviews would be half and half of people saying it worked for them or it didn’t. Had no idea I would find so many reviews, literally one right after another, of people whose dogs were neurologically damaged by this product or even died! It is a neurotoxin!!

    Please do not put this on your dog!! I do not understand at all why this is still on the shelves after years and years of complaints!

  49. Traci Long says:

    I wish I would have looked at reviews before I put this on my dog. I put it on him last night at 9:00 and he immediately went crazy. He Hasn’t slept since. The poor thing can’t even sit down, eat, drink or relax. He is soooo going crazy. Something needs to be done about this product. All the hotline tells me to do is bathe him in dish soap. I did and he is still going crazy.. I hope it doesn’t hurt him as bad as the other dogs I have seen on Facebook.. I am so disappointed. The main reason I bought it was because it was cheaper than most of the others, but Petsmart couldn’t tell me the difference between them.. I hope they pull this crap off the shelves soon before it kills or makes any other dogs SICK like mine!

  50. Billie Sue Lazaro says:

    June 8 2013, Im soo disappointed i did not look up any info on this product….I applied sentry flea and tick on my yorktese..Within a hour he was jumping around then falling flat on his face, then eventually lost all control of hind legs!!!!!!!!! I was mortified!!I immediately call animal hospital, they told me first to give him a bath in dawn but to bring him in…I cried so hard i couldnt even hardly see to drive!!! He just laid his head on my shoulder, when any other time he wants the window down so he can feel the breeze in his face….Then he picked his head up and tried to lick my tears off my face….I cried even more…Anyways got to animal hosp, they hooked him to i.v fluids gave him injections and kept him for about 7 hours to monitor him, and was thinking of keeping overnight if no changes…He eventually perked up, but still was having tremors when i came home, acting totally crazy, laying down then getting up etc, i stayed up all night to watch my Mason, today he seems to be ok, sitting in the window, eating as usual..This was a horrible horrible experience!!! I had a total melt down no doubt!!! Love this little guy!!! Just wish i would have known of course the poison that is in this product…My vet said he wasnt at all surprised that it was this particular product, he recommends staying with Frontline..I purchased this product from petsmart, which is fully stocked with sentry products and i doubt they will take if off the market, very sad, what people will do for a buck, or try to save a buck like me…NEVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!! Vet bill ended up being 360.00, i doubt as well that i will be reinbursed for vet bill etc, sounds like they are Sentry, Sergeant that is are nothing but greedy bastards!!!!!!!!!!