By April 29, 2008

Raptor vs Flying Rat

I had a doubly-interesting commute on new motorcycle, Raptor. The first item of interest was the weather. I got rained for about twenty minutes. I was geared up, and my textile motorcycle jacket did a great job keeping me dry. Fully extended, the windshield protected my helmet visor from being obscured with rain. Unfortunately the aerodynamics of the bike are such that so much rain accumulated on the screen that I wound up lowering it so I could see … which put rain all over my visor. Six one way, half a dozen the other.

I was zipping down the highway when I approached two dump trucks, traveling single file (to hide their numbers) in the left-hand lane. I passed the first one on the right when I saw some pigeons flying about in the median. I didn’t pay any attention to them but two seconds later there was a shower of feathers in front of the lead dump truck. Apparently one of the birds was so overcome by Firefly’s cancellation it just couldn’t take it any more.

I instinctively ducked under the windshield (fully extended) and rode through a bunch of feathers. I heard a “flthlunk,” and there was a half-dollar sized piece of pigeon … stuff … on the dead center of my windshield. It wound up getting washed away later in the rain, but I can’t help but wonder how that would have felt if I was riding a naked bike.

Anyway, the bike’s doing great. It was just as stable in the downpour this morning as it is on dry land, and now I know it can take a pigeon strike and keep on ticking. 😉

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  1. Agreschn says:

    I find this kind of funny because I picked up GTAIV yesterday and one of the ‘hidden’ things to do this time around is kill pigeons. When you do a message pops up with “X flying rats left in Liberty City” where X ranges starts at 200 and heads steadily downward.

  2. angelcityblues says:

    EW. *shudder*