By August 27, 2009

Real Age Virtual Age quiz

My buddy Jumbotron sent this to me at work: the Real Age Virtual Age quiz on It’s Flash-based quiz that asks up to 34 questions to determine your “virtual” age and your life expectancy. Your virtual age is how old your body and mind are based on diet, exercise, lifestyle, and family history.

Unfortunately I initially took this test at work, and had my information architecture and usability hat on. I bitched about the poor question phrasing and goofy slider the whole time. For example, the race question is flawed. There’s a radio button that makes you select one race. There needs to be at least a “Mixed” option, but a multiple select would be even better. I imagine the scoring algorithm isn’t complex enough to handle multiple racial vectors.

The answer options are mostly on a scale, and sometimes the scale doesn’t make sense. For example, on the “Male conditions” question answers range from “average” to “bald and stocky.” I’m bald, but not stocky. So where do I put this slider?

Another stupid question was about marital status. “Cheating” is at the bottom, and “Happily married” is at the top. “Married” is one down from “Happily married,” but what if you’re in a happy committed relationship? According to answer slider, being happily committed is less healthy than being not-so-happily married. Weird.

I don’t put too much stock into the results. It’s hard to agree with my virtual age of 23.6 when my right knee is bothering me from over-training with kettlebells. My life expectancy is also really high at 84.4 years. No one in my immediate family has made it past 74. Although I don’t drink or smoke and am not overweight, there are a lot of genetics that have to be overcome.

My final results were:
Virtual Age: 23.6
Your Life Expectancy: 84.4

Give the test a run and report back if you feel like it.

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  1. BushPutin says:

    This is kinda lame:

    Virtual: 22.3
    Life Expectancy: 84.7

  2. fishsprout says:

    your right, that was retarded. 🙂

    I came out around 15/91.

  3. Tomax says:

    Virtual Age: 20
    Life Expectancy: 82

    Being “Happily Married”, “Having Close Friends” and “Always wearing a seat belt” are now a scientifically proven method to counteract the effects of smoking 😛

  4. eh… Virtual Age: 42
    Life Expectancy: 83