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rooCASE Super Bubble iPad2 Tablet Case Review

I bought an Apple iPad2 for work in September. I ran a Motion Computing “pure” Windows XP tablet PC back in 2003. While it had a snap-on cover to protect the glass, I quickly learned that the tablet body could get all kinds of busted up in routine transport. My iPad2 was a pretty considerable lump of money, and I wanted to protect it. I bought the Apple Smart Cover but wanted to keep the overpriced aluminium housing as pristine as possible.

I decided to give the Super Bubble by rooCASE a try, and I am pretty pleased. Here’s my review.


The 10″ rooCASE Super Bubble on the left is sized for an iPad/iPad2. The 7″ case on the right is sized for the HTC Flyer, Kindle Fire, Nook Color, or other similarly-sized tablets.


The Super Bubble is made out of neoprene. This came in handy when my usually bulletproof Thermos King leaked inside of my bag. The neoprene kept the iPad2 nice and dry, but don’t consider it good against massive spills or waterproof.


True to the kangaroo-esque name, both rooCASE Super Bubbles have a small pouch on the front. There’s a little patch of hook-and-loop to keep it closed. I keep a charging cable for my iPad2 in the larger case. I’m not sure how useful the pouch is on the 7″ model. It’s too small to hold the wall wart-style charger that came with my Nook Color. I used the pouch to store extra microSD cards and a microSD to USB card reader.


I don’t know why I’m such a sucker for zipper pulls. It was one of the things I liked the most about my Rev’It Cayenne Pro motorcycle jacket, and I judge a lot of other bags and accessories based on the quality of their zippers and zipper pulls.

The rooCASE Super Bubble has a nice rubberized pull. The zipper action is smooth. I can’t tell if it’s a YKK zipper or not due to the rooCASE branded pull, but it works very well.


The best feature of the Super Bubble is the padded interior, which gives this case its name. The padded “bubbles” provide a little bit of extra give if something presses down on the case. The interior is nice and soft, and the bubbles are padded and firm. They seem to do the job well.


My tablets live inside their rooCASEs when I travel. The Super Bubbles go inside my Timbuk2 messenger bag. They are really well protected against bumps and whatnot, but the idea is to protect the devices from other crap inside my bag. Keys, flashlight, other devices, books, spiral bindings, all sorts of crap can mar the housing of very expensive gadgets. The rooCASE does exactly what I bought it to do.

The exterior seems to be pretty resilient. I’ve been using the Super Bubble for my iPad2 since September, and it looks brand new. Except for the coffee stain, of course 😉 I’ll have to run the Super Bubbles for a longer period of time before I can say how well they hold up, but so far so good.


The rooCASEs cost about $20 or so and are eligible for free shipping via Amazon Prime. The trim is available in orange, green, blue, and red. The body is always black in color.

I’ve been happy with the Super Bubble, and may buy another one if I get a 10″ Android OS tablet. Other cases were less expensive, but lack some of the finer details like the nice zipper or the bubble-ish padding. Some cases are more expensive, but I don’t need larger pockets or a more upscale finish. The rooCASE Super Bubble fits my typical drive to get the best performing product at a reasonable price.

Strongly recommended.

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