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Shared Lists on Android Phones With AK Notepad and

Have you ever forgotten a grocery list at home? Have you ever contacted a loved one to ask if they need something from the store? How about a list of books, music, or movies that you want to discuss with your friends? Worse yet, have you ever kept multiple lists for the same place, yet fail to combine them before you went shopping?

Using a shared, synchronized list with multiple people has enabled a bunch of convenient behavior — and it’s free.

Sedagive? and I both have HTC Incredibles, Android-based smartphones. We use a free application called AK Notepad to take notes and synchronize them with, a free Website for storing and synchronizing notes. It’s super easy to do.

  • We tap out notes in AK Notepad
  • It syncs automatically to an account we share on
  • We manually synchronize a note before going shopping / whatever just in case
  • We delete items from shoppings lists, to-do lists, etc and this updates automatically

In order to do this, I created a single account on and entered the same login information on both phones.

There’s a way to share notes with others without using the same account but it has several flaws:

  1. Notes are given unique Web addresses (URLs), which you then have to share with people. In order to share a note, I have to send Sedagive? the exact Web address of my note. This is hard to do on smartphones (lots of tapping, copy and pasting note URLs for each note, etc).
  2. The notes become publicly viewable to anyone who knows the unique URL
  3. You can share notes directly from AK Notepad, but it’s read only. Think of this as sending someone a copy of your list, not allowing them to add, edit and delete the list

One downside to sharing login information is that all notes are shared. If you need to keep a list private, you may want to use a secondary note-taking program. I don’t have a need for this, but you may — so there’s your warning.

We use AK Notepad frequently for Target, Wal-Mart, and Costco. We also maintain a running list of music and movies we want to investigate. It’s a very easy, free way to build lists together and also cut down on the waste associated with paper to-do and shopping lists.

Strongly recommended.

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