By October 25, 2013

TekTok Generic High Output Dual USB Port Car Charger Review

There are two ways you can go with things like charging cords, AC adapters, data cables: overspend for big name stuff or buy some no-name import and hope for the best. Sometimes the same factory that makes the no-name stuff makes the big name stuff and you wind up scoring. Sometimes you get a piece of crap that is unreliable and ultimately useless.

I am proud to report my experience with the TekTok (now no-name / generic) “High Output Dual USB Port Car Charger” has been very good, especially considering it costs about 1/10th to 1/5th the price of big brand equivalents.

Here’s my review.


At less than $4 shipped via Amazon Prime (it’s currently an add-on item) or as low as $2.59 if you want to wait on standard shipping, this generic dual USB car charger is the least expensive dual port solution on Amazon that has enough juice to charge a tablet on one port and a smartphone on the other.

You can buy some name brand chargers with two ports for the same price, but those models will both have low power ports not suitable for charging an iPad or Android tablet.

There is a blue LED on the front of the TekTok, behind the opaque plastic face. It’s about the right darkness at night time, bright enough to make me think I’m flying a spaceship but not so bright it interferes with my night vision.

The TekTok charger does a fine job recharging either my Nexus 7 tablet or my Galaxy Nexus phone and Sedagive?’s Galaxy Nexus phone at the same time.

Unlike some other cheap-o chargers I own, the USB ports are well made and easily accept USB cords. The ports are not too tight, as is most common, or too loose, which is much more rare but equally bad for usage.

The metal flanges TekTok’s AC adapter plug that keeps it in your car’s cigarette lighter port is not very strong. I’ve had to push the TekTok back in a few times, especially after someone pulls their USB cable free of the charging ports. It’s probably bad practice to just grab a USB cord and yank it out, but hey I’m not the USB cable removal police.

Sometimes the TekTok will take a minute or two to turn on. I’m not sure if this is because it’s chintzy or if because my Jeep has almost 100,000 miles on it and “electrical system reliability” and “Jeep” never appear in the same sentence.

Otherwise, the no-name charger from Amazon has been great. If you’re not in a hurry, it’s an especially good deal at the $2.59 price. You can also get other colors if you’re into that sort of thing.

I’d recommend you buy a fistful, and it’s cheap enough you can throw them in some stockings this Christmas.

Strongly recommended

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