By January 3, 2008

The Best and Worst Gibberish Gadgets of 2007

I buy a lot of stuff, and sometimes my highest hopes turn out to be the biggest disappointments. I’ve evaluated the things I’ve purchased last year, with an eye to what I use on a regular basis that Gibberish readers may use often as well. Sure, I “use” my Keltec PF-9 every day when I carry it, but most of you don’t have carry permits and its appeal is not as universal as this year’s winner. Here’s a look back at the best and worst gadgets covered on Gibberish in 2007.

The best Gibberish gadget of 2007
Upton Tea Imports multi-temperature electric kettle
I use the Upton kettle every day, whether it be to make a French press, tea, Aerobie AeroPress, or pre-heat my glass-insulated airpot. For the price it’s an outstanding bargain, and you don’t have to play the “is it in stock game?” with’s version.

Honorable mention: Xbox 360 Elite with Gold LIVE! package + Carcassonne and Catan XBLA games. I have gotten a ton of enjoyment out of the 360 since I purchased it in August, and if you’re a gamer (even of the tabletop variety) then the 360’s online matchmaking and content service is a must for you. I’ve enjoyed playing games with my friends online, whether it’s a side-scrolling shooter or a virtual version of tabletop favorites like Carcassonne.

Worst Gibberish gadget of 2007
SentryPro XFC flea and tick treament
Nothing says “worst” like a product that poisons your pets and may even kill them. My post about Rosie and Porter’s reaction to SentryPro XFC is my most popular Gibberish article to date, and was mentioned on watchdog site The Consumerist.

Honorable mention:ReadiVac 36104 12-Volt Wet/Dry vacuum cleaner, damn this thing really sucks, and not in the way a vacuum or prom date should.

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  1. Stomper says:

    I’m glad to hear that you’re still really happy with your electric kettle! I’ve been thinking about getting one and as I sit here cheering the stove on to hurry up and heat up the water for my tea….your kettle sounds even better!