By October 18, 2005

The humans get to live … for now

Some of you have been following my zombie rpg game as “innocent bystanders,” and as such I wanted to give you an update on our little group, who is tucked away in a a sporting goods store while the rest of the world is afire.

We didn’t play, but I did send out an email to my player group with character sketches of the other occupants in the sporting goods store. If you’re interested, read on, otherwise I’ll cut this post short for you:

Todd Carlyle, 47 year old white male
Todd was the sporting goods store’s manager. He is calm in both voice and demeanor. On the very rare occasion that he becomes frustrated, Todd’s voice lowers and he speaks more slowly. He is the shortest person in the store and has sports a (previously) nicely groomed brown shoulder-length mullet.

Tom Smith, 50 year old white male
Tom was a semi-pro golfer and ambulance chaser. When you first meet him he has a small bit of neck fat and a round, hard belly. He is best described as “puffy,” his college wrestling body long gone soft from sitting at his desk all day. Tom was a three pack a day smoker before he came into the store, and now flicks his stainless steel zippo open and closed as a nervous habit.

Karly Kotter, 17 year old white female
Karly was working the cash register when the first Risen pushed open the front door. The bloody trucker bit Karly’s high school classmate Michelle in the shoulder before Todd killed the man with an Easton aluminum bat. Karly is a senior on the high school lacrosse team and takes a few seconds to reply to any questioning.

Tonya St. James, 36 year old white female
Soccer mom of three, divorcee, and retired executive, Tonya St. James was picking up cleats for her youngest daughter Amanda when her cell phone rang. It was Amanda, screaming that a “bad man” had followed her home from school and tried to touch her in naughty places. Amanda kicked him and he bit her, and now the bad man and his friend were pounding on the door. Before Tonya could get to her car, the parking lot was full of Bad Men, and she hasn’t been able to reach her daughters ever since.

Ed Stuart, 32 year old black male
Plumber, father, flag football coach, in no particular order. Ed and his son Charlie were shopping at the sporting goods store in preparation for deer season when the Risen attacked cashier Michelle early during the first day of the outbreak. Ed helped Todd Carlyle fend off the first of many attackers. A former college running back, Ed is as comfortable throwing a punch as he is turning his pipe wrench.

Charlie Stuart, 8 year old black male
Eager to go out with his father Ed on their first deer hunt, Charlie didn’t expect to be the one being hunted. Charlie hid under the camouflage clothing 4-way displays while his father battled with the Risen. Charlie doesn’t understand why he and his father can’t go home, or why he can’t talk with his mommy. He fidgets a bit, and mentions that he gets that way if he doesn’t take his “vitamins.”

Peter Fuller, 52 year old white male
A former beat cop of Chicago, Peter Fuller has a thousand yard stare and smells vaguely of gin. He was carrying his old service revolver when the Risen came through, and he bought the rest of the store occupants enough time to arm themselves from the hunting department. Peter is becoming irritable as time goes on, and keeps trying to talk Todd into letting him go out “for supplies.” He has his revolver stuffed in the front of his light blue pleated pants, and keeps massaging the grip absently.

Also, if anyone of you are interested in being guest players, you are more than welcome to come down and play. Just let me know so we can work you in ahead of time 🙂 There’s crash space for you too, as long as you don’t mind two dogs running around all over the place!

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