By November 22, 2013

Third Friday of the Month: Check Your Optics Batteries!

When I first started shooting I though night sights on my Glock 26 was as high tech as I’d ever go. As I’ve trained more (a lot more) and gotten older (a lot older) I’ve realized the value of red dot optics and reflex sights.

The downside to running optics is that they have batteries that eventually die. Some of my optics are always on by design, and some I leave on at the lowest brightness in case I need to use them in a hurry.

In these cases I routinely check my batteries — especially after showing up to a rifle class with a dead sight and no spare batteries. I also pack spare batteries inside each rifle’s grip if I can, or in the locked case / bag I store them in if the rifle does not have an accessory area.

Starting this month, I’ll be checking my optics every third Friday, and this post might remind you to do the same.

So far all three of my always-on firearms are good to go, including my SBR AK-47 with this Primary Arms MD-07 red dot sight:

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