By July 19, 2006

[TIW] Yeong Yang W201 Server Case of my longtime hardware dream projects is a RAID 5 file server for the home. My current setup is a mish-mash of different disks and capacities. I have no backup or failover options except for the external drive onto which I back up my digital photos.

As the years ticked on, drive sizes got larger. A one terabyte array seemed absurdly too big; now single drives store up to 750GB of data. One thing that stayed the same was the need for a big case that had enough room for an array of drives and the ability to cool them.

Enter the Yeong Yang W201 server case. The W201 can hold up to twelve 3.5″ drives by utilizing optional drive cages and the W201’s stock two 3.5″ bays. The case also features some options I won’t take advantage of, such as a hot-swappable SATA 2 five-disk hard drive cage. Standing seventeen inches tall, twenty-four inches deep, and almost nine inches wide, the W201 towers (lol) over my current Chieftech case.

The W201 is a touch over $200 with the two drive cages before shipping. Shipping won’t be cheap: total shipping weight is 42 pounds, the case weighs 37 pounds alone.

There aren’t any immediate plans to build my dream file server. I have enough debts to pay down before I start buying more toys. 🙂

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  1. Markie says:

    Got one of these bad boys about a week ago. Lighter than the Yeong Yang, and less capacity, but 2TB at RAID 5 should be enough.

  2. drfaulken says:

    Not bad, however a NAS can only share data, while a computer can rip DVDs, PVR, or whatever.

    Four 750GB drives + barebones NAS = a little over $2000 for 2.25TB of pre-formatted storage. My $1700 configuration gives me 2.8TB of pre-formatted storage, so the price is kinda a toss up. I\’ll keep this in mind!

    Thanks for the head\’s up, where did you get yours?