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Trigger Guard Holster for Kel-Tec PF-9 Review

Small single-stack 9mm pistols like the Kel-Tec PF-9 or S&W M&P Shield are highly portable and more easily concealed than their higher-capacity, double-stack magazine counterparts. We accept their drawbacks like more harsh recoil, less fit-and-finish, and lackluster triggers in order to gain advantages in weight and size.

This is particularly important to women, whose different hip structure and typical fashion does not allow them to easily conceal larger handguns. Smaller handguns like the PF-9 or Shield are easier for women to carry appendix (front of the body); the Glock 19 is very difficult for a woman to conceal this way. Tighter clothes made out of thinner material are the fashion culprits, but the female body affords challenges most men don’t have to deal with.

Because of these reasons, many women choose to carry “off body,” meaning in their purse, backpack, messenger bag, so on.

This creates two safety concerns, one of which is accessibility and one of trigger safety. The minimalist trigger guard holster addresses the latter.


The trigger guard holster is the bare minimum necessary to keep things from accidentally depressing the trigger. It is made out of hard Kydex plastic and is custom-molded to fit the trigger guard of a particular pistol model. The PF-9 trigger guard would not fit on my S&W Shield, for example.


The trigger guard can be removed in one of two ways: either by ripping it free with your off hand or by attaching it via a lanyard to a fixed object. Some attach the lanyard to their belt loop, but it’s also possible to secure a very short run of paracord to a purse handle or buckle on a backpack. Draw as normal, and as the cord extends to its fullest the pistol comes free, leaving the trigger holster attached to its anchor.

Practicing this draw takes practice — not because it is hard, but because I didn’t expect it to work at first. You have to really commit to the draw and pull as you would normally.

Trigger guard holsters such as these are custom-made for specific models of handguns.

I purchased this guard for $20. It was custom made from PJ Holster, who has a very high reputation in the concealed carry community.

You can also buy a similar unit called the “Zacchaeus (Zach)” holster from Dale Fricke. Mr. Fricke also makes outstanding holsters, and has trigger guard holsters for more mainstream handguns.

Strongly recommended for those times when you need something a little special. Or little, and special.

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