By October 12, 2007 takes its sweet ass time.

I guess I am spoiled by Woot, NewEgg, Threadless, Amazon, and even little startup Tanga. I guess I am spoiled by people at home selling shit over eBay. I guess my expectations for fast order fulfillment are much too high for online t-shirt vendor I put an order in on September 17th. I received an email confirmation stating that my order had been received. I am used to my order shipping within one to four business days. I emailed ANR Ventures on September 28th to ask for status, a delivery confirmation number, anything. I didn’t hear back from them, and I emailed again on October 3rd, threatening them with a chargeback if I didn’t hear back from them by the end of the week. I received a shipping notification from ANR Ventures on October 6th. I finally got my order yesterday on the 11th.

In the meantime, I’ve ordered and received the following from other, more competent e-tailers:

  • Two shirts from Shirt.Woot
  • My winter riding jacket from NewEnough
  • A sixteen-pound pull rare-earth magnet (details in a future Gibberish entry) from K&J Magnetics
  • Pictures from
  • Twilight Struggle from Tanga
  • A multi-format flash memory card reader and USB hub from
  • Two other purchases I’m not going to post about here.
  • Returned a new motorcycle helmet in exchange for a larger size from IronPony

Come on Trippintees, this is 2007. You are probably a one-person shop and you were on vacation or had a materials availability issue. But at least respond to my emails asking for status. Let me know there’s a hold up with your American Apparel shirts, or you are trapped under something heavy. Anything.

I’m definitely not ordering from them again, and would recommend that you avoid them. There are many other t-shirt vendors that fulfill their orders quickly. Which is too bad, because I liked a lot of the designs on Trippintees. I can’t fathom why it would take someone almost a month to process and ship two t-shirts.

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  1. Essie says:

    “Two other purchases I’m not going to post about here.”

    LOL- Now you’ve got my imagination going…