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Truglo TFO Trijicon and Fiber Optic Sights for Glock Review

I’ve been shooting Glock pistols for almost 17 years. At some point or another almost all of my Glock pistols have acquired aftermarket sights. The only stock sights left on any Glock I own is on the Glock I use in my short barreled rifle (more on that in another post).

The stock Glock sights are utilitarian, just like the rest of the pistol. Bright white dot on the front, bright white U-shaped rear sight. If I limited myself to shooting in a rectangular indoor gun range two or three times a year like most gun owners they’d be just fine.

However, my requirements are a little bit more demanding.

This is the stock rear Glock sight:


The front sight is just a big white dot, so no reason to post a picture of it.

Like I said, serviceable but falls short when shooting in lower light conditions. The lack of contrast and/or brightness also make it hard to pick the sights up under duress. Poor eyesight further compounds things.

Here are the night sights typically sold with Glock pistols:
glock night sights

These Trijicon sights use tritium, a radioactive isotope. They glow in the dark, which is definitely a step up from the stock sights. I think the two dot arrangement is a big improvement over the U-shaped rear. However, as good as the Trijicon sights were in the dark, the front sight was actually worse than the stock one during the day. The center of the Trijicon sights are glass, with the tritium tube embedded in the sight. This setup was more difficult for me to see than the stock sights.

So I needed something else — something with high visibility during the day, but also great capabilities at night.

Truglo is famous for their fiber optic sights. The durable plastic tubes channel light and brightly illuminate the ends of the sight. That took care of my daytime needs, but what about when the sun goes down?

Enter the Truglo TFO Trijicon sights. They combine fiber optics and tritium for 24/7 high visibility. For about $80 delivered via Amazon Prime I thought I would give them a try.


I installed the front and rear sights easily using tools made for Glock sight replacement.

I noticed right away that the sights were pretty tall. I even bought the “low profile” sights. I was skeptical at first.

It’s hard to get a good picture of both sights, but they’re quite a bit taller and longer than the stock ones.


The rear sight seems super big.


The front sight quite longer than the stock sight to accommodate the fiber optic tube. It’s about the same width as either of the factory sights.

Here’s how the sights look in daylight during a shoot:

Not bad for an overcast, dreary day.

The Truglo TFO Trijicon and fiber optic sights are great, and are on all of our carry pistols. I highly recommend them. Even if you don’t have the tools to install them yourself it’s still worth the extra money to buy them and have them professionally replaced.

Strongly recommended

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