By May 10, 2010

TyprX — Racing for Typists

I went to visit my mother at work when I was about eleven years old. I waited patiently in front of her desk while she machine-gunned at her typewriter. Clackity clack clack-clack-clackity-clack ka-ching! over and over again. I was impressed and mesmerized by the sound of it.

Four years later I registered for a Typing I class in high school. I was proud of myself for clacking out something like 50 words per minute on my first typing test. I zipped home and said to my mother with a wry smile, “what is your wpm?”

“One hundred twenty one words per minute.”

I’ve been trying to match her speed every day since then, and even though I keyboard for between eight and fourteen hours a day I have never been able to catch her.

As time goes on I’ve been obsessed with typing challenges, tests, and games. I was recently shown TyprX, a Web site that pits multiple typists in a head-to-head competition. I’ve competed with as many as four typists at once, and the pressure of competition adds a little something extra to the typical typing drills.

As of this writing, I’m the fastest typer of the day, with a 106.7 wpm average on a single test. If you look at the “Hall of Fame” there are some folks who apparently gamed the system. One of the fastest typists in the world cruises at about 150 wpm, so the 200+ scores are cheating, possibly by copying and pasting parts of the text before the test starts.

You can participate anonymously for free, or sign up in order to track your results.

How do you fare?

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  1. altereggo says:

    I’ve never gotten past 90ish myself.
    More than that and I start making mistakes, which can cause havoc.

    Thanks for the game link.

  2. Sean Wrona says:

    Jelani and I weren’t cheating. We ARE that fast, at least at our best. Look at our TypeRacer scores, they’re even more insane.