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Waring Pro WMK300 Waffle Maker

You know, Lady Jaye thought I was batshit insane when I spent $90 on a waffle maker. We bought it when her family was coming to visit us in Rockville. I wasn’t sure myself if I would use the waffle maker past their trip, but I was enthralled by the stainless steel pseudo industrial grade badassness that was the Waring Pro WMK300:

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Yeah, this isn’t your punk college dorm clamshell style waffle maker. We’re talking stainless steel. We’re talking rotating cooking surfaces to ensure a uniform waffle. We’re talking traditional circular waffle goodness.

Using the WMK300 is super easy. You flip the single toggle on the unit to turn it on. The red power light will go on. Adjust the black dial to your desired crispiness — we have it almost all the way on at five out of six. After warming up, the unit will beep and the green ready light will turn on. Pour your batter in. I use one cup of Krusteaz’ add-water-only pancake batter. Make sure you pour the batter uniformly over the bottom grill surface. If you leave any of the black non-stick surface exposed you will have holes in your waffle. Close the lid, and rotate it. Wait until the WMK300 beeps again and then extract your hella yummy waffle.

Really, what much more is there to say? It’s as simple as it can get.

And all that concern about getting our money’s worth? I’ve made fifteen pounds of pancake mix worth of waffles. Here’s my analysis of the WMK300:

Don’t waffle on buying this unit:

  • Handsome, well-constructed unit. This thing is durable and made to crank out tons of waffles.
  • Rotating cooking surface makes sure your waffles are uniformly cooked and the batter spreads evenly to both grilling sides.
  • Adjustable timer if you like your waffles more gooey, or more crispy like a waffle ice cream cone.
  • Makes incredible waffles. They taste just like ones you’d get at a diner or breakfast joint.

Burnt offerings:

  • Until you get the hang of the timer, expect to undercook and overcook some waffles. I found that adjusting the timer to the “5” position isn’t long enough, but “5.5” is too long. I let the unit beep and then count to fifteen before extracting the waffle. It probably took me three pounds of mix to figure that out.
  • Long heat-up time. I guess it’s a small issue, but I was eating one waffle a day for awhile. Waiting for the irons to heat up can be tedious.
  • It’s a big unit. Not only do you have to have the countertop footprint for it, but you have to account for the space necessary to open the unit. This wasn’t a problem in Rockville, but here in Richmond our house doesn’t have a whole lot of counterspace. Whereas I left the WMK300 out in Maryland, I now have to store it. It’s a drag, and I definitely use the unit less now that it’s out of sight.
  • Expensive. If you don’t want to be Conan of waffle making, you might be more satisfied with a wimpier $20 clamshell style unit.

Waring Pro WMK300 Waffle Maker, I cook up:

Four out of five STFU mugs!

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  1. configuratrix says:

    My mom makes great waffles … on her rectangular square-waffle waffle cast-iron griddle.

    Square waffles are the One True Way!

    But if I ever have to resort to making my own waffles, the Waring Pro does sound like an excellent choice.

  2. seeyo says:

    I for one welcome our new square waffle overlords.

  3. vvalkyri says:

    I miss my grandmother’s cast iron surfaced waffle iron. I think it died well before she moved out of her house.

  4. drfaulken says:

    Leave it to a wafflemaker to spark the most inclusive Gibberish discussion to date 🙂

    I would like to point out that at greasy spoons everywhere, the prefered shape of true waffles are, indeed, round. However, the more square waffles you all eat, the more round ones there are for me to enjoy. Or does it not work that way? :\

  5. configuratrix says:

    I’m fine with you eating round waffles. Just pushing back a little against your ” traditional circular waffle” claim. Datapoint, in fun. 🙂