By December 20, 2005

What fear lurks in the heart of men? Only the Shadow knows.

And apparently, only the Shadow knows what the fuck is wrong with my foot. I went to the doctor’s today, and had absolutely no idea what was wrong with my toes. He ruled out frostbite/exposure, fungal infection, and acute injury unless something happened that I didn’t know about :\ In short, we are going to keep an eye on things. The pain has gone away 99%, and now it looks worse than it feels. I expressed my concern over necrotic tissue or blood poisoning due to dead toe tip but he said not to worry. He also cleared me to go swimming, which quickly sunk my excuse to sit on my ass and play Warcraft once Lady Jaye came home.

So, stay tuned, I guess. The doctor said that it should heal like a normal blister, but if something does take a turn for the worse he’ll be around during Christmas.

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