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Witmer Company Peanut Butter mixer review

Personally, I like sugar-fortified, processed, ever-smooth peanut butter like Jif. However, other folks like natural peanut butter, supposedly because it tastes better and is better for you. What’s the fun in that? The downside to natural peanut butter is that it separates over time. You need to stir it up, especially after you open the jar for the first time.

People use butter knives, spoons, spatulas, and all manner of improvised contraptions to do this, but none of these are optimal. Such crude solutions are messy; they get peanut butter all over the jar, the counter, and yourself.

Enter the Witmer Company peanut butter mixer. It is a novel and clean solution to stirring natural peanut butter.

The Witmer Company mixer is composed of a steel stirring rod, a metal screw-on cap, and a plastic membrane.

Operation is simple:

1) Screw the lid onto your jar of natural peanut butter

2) Insert the metal stirring rod into the hole in the center of the lid

3) Stir

4) Stir more


6) Withdraw the mixing rod. Notice how the plastic membrane on the inside of the lid scrapes the peanut butter off of the rod.

7) Remove the membrane and rinse

With just a few turns of the handle, you can turn your natural peanut butter from this:

into this:

Yeah, I can’t really tell a difference either. However, Stilts and Sedagive? seemed impressed, so there you have it. If they’re happy, I’m happy.

The Witmer Company peanut butter mixer is about $10 before shipping from and other e-tailers. I haven’t seen one in a brick and mortar store, but I bet they are out there. It is a highly specialized device, but it costs so little that I don’t mind. I can’t help but respect its efficiency, and who knows what other trouble it could stir up?

Strongly recommended

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  1. Erin says:

    This is a great review of an odd product. And here’s why. For the past SEVERAL weeks, I’ve been bitching about our natural peanut butter at work. The mess drives me nuts (pun intended) and I’m always using some failing aparatus to try to stir it up.

    I came to the conclusion they need to invent a mini paint-can mixer for this stuff. Just attach it and let it rattle on for like 3 minutes (just like me) and hooray! Smooth PB…in theory.

    So there’s your next project…PB shaker. 🙂

  2. drfaulken says:

    Since I only eat the delicious, easy-to-consume processed peanut butter, what do you think a shaker could accomplish that the Witmer stirring widget won’t? I know it’s hard to tell from the photo, but do you think it isn’t stirred enough?

    Perhaps my giant didn’t spin the handle enough times. >:(

  3. Yael says:

    This gadget might be exactly what I, and the other beleaguered elementary school moms need for all the new fangled NON peanut, butters!!

    With so many kids having severe nut allergies, we parents are being asked to use alternatives that are NOT the pre-mixed, user friendly, open and spread, food that I grew up eating!

    I spend a minimum of 15-20 minutes every 1-2 weeks stirring up a new jar of sunflower butter late at night so I can immediately wash the kitchen down, and then get myself into a shower…and then having to repeat the process to remix it halfway through the jar!

    NO clue that such a gizmo existed! Am now ON THE HUNT for it at a local retailer!