By September 22, 2005

Your mind tricks will not work on me, boy

So, after my less than stellar performance yesterday, I read the VA Motorcycle safety guide last night before bed and took the online test a few more times this morning. I went back, waited about an hour to take my test, and passed it with only one incorrect answer. Take that, punks!

They took my picture, and now I have two licenses — one for my car, and on for my motorcycle learner’s permit. Seems like kind of a waste, since by next Monday I’ll qualify for my full motorcycle license, but whatever. I expected to get a piece of paper, like my change of address card, or maybe a sticker. I think my picture looks pretty good though 😀

Before I took my test, I went to a local bike shop to look at safety gear. I was hoping they had a lesser-known brand (AFX) flip up helmet for me to try on. It looks like this:

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They had this helmet instead, which was over twice the price ($250) but was extremely comfortable:

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It was well padded on the inside, and very comfortable. It’s a flip up design, which means the front part of the helmet releases and rotates to the top of the helmet, like this:

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There are a few benefits to this flip-up style helmet. For one thing, they’re much easier to take on and off than a single piece helmet. They also allow for easier conversations and are more comfortable for folks who wear glasses. That will be a big plus to me, since I wouldn’t have to put my contacts in every time I would want to ride. Flip ups also make drinking/eating possible without removing your helmet. It seems like a small issue, but you don’t to keep track of your helmet when you take it off or worry about dropping it, etc.

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